Celebrating the return of college football in the office

Celebrating the return of college football in the office

Fall is in the air, and that means college football is back! Bring your coworkers together and get to know everyone better by celebrating the return of college football in your office. You don’t have to take time away from your work day to show your team pride; here are a few tips.

  1. Designate Friday “Team Pride Day!”

    Scrounge up your old college t-shirts and jerseys and show your support by wearing your team’s gear. This gives you a chance to see where your coworkers went to school or which team is their favorite. Maybe your office neighbor went to a rival school—there’s nothing like a friendly team rivalry in the office! To get everyone hyped up, your office can incorporate potluck Fridays for big game days. Bring the tailgate to your office and enjoy some good eats, chatting, and fun at work. This will give you and your coworkers something to look forward to at the end of a long work week.

  2. Put team stats up in the breakroom

    You can follow the season with the latest scores. This can open up breakroom discussions to the latest game highlights and major upsets. This will also help get up to speed your coworkers who don’t know much about college football or even realize how well their college team is doing. Put up a bulletin board in the breakroom, if you don’t already have one. Print out and pin up the previous weekend’s scores highlighting the winning teams. Add some more flare to the bulletin board by pinning up the names of your coworkers whose teams won that weekend. Or better yet, use pictures of your coworkers in their team gear. Someone in your office is sure to have an instant camera to print out photos on the spot. You can make the return of college football fun in your office with these games and other ideas too.

  3. Plan group outings to watch the games

    Fridays and Saturdays are college football days, so plan a fun day or night out with your coworkers. At the end of the week, gather up some fellow college football fans and head over to a local sports restaurant to watch the game. You’ll already be dressed for the occasion. You can also host your coworkers on Saturday at your home for one, two, or many more games.

  4. Saturdays are jam packed with college football, so there will be plenty of games to choose from throughout the day. Your office is sure to have fans of many different colleges, so there will always be a game on for someone. Spend some time on Monday morning recapping all the fun everyone had, and get ready for another round by the end of the week!

The end of warm weather doesn’t have to be a drag. You don’t have to be a college football buff to partake in the festivities. These tips will make it fun for the whole office.