Here are the 7 desk personalities. Which one are you?

Here are the 7 desk personalities. Which one are you?

Look around you. What office desks do you see? If you look closely, you will likely notice some themes. A variety of desk personalities in the office adds interest as people work in their own unique ways.

Here are seven desk personalities to explore. Which one is yours?

  1. The Minimalist

    This desk is no-nonsense and no-fluff. You will not find random cat pictures here. Keeping things squeaky clean makes you happy and productive. You like to stick to a simple color palette, mainly black and white, because that’s how you see the world.

    For you, it’s all about the work produced. Your desk is just a means to an end and you like to keep things simple. You are task-oriented and organized. Your desk contains the essentials, nothing more and nothing less. If there is a plant sitting on the corner, it’s because it provides oxygen. Everything has a purpose and there is a purpose for everything.

    Because efficiency is your middle name (not literally…), you can benefit greatly from the ergonomic design trend. Furniture with multi-purpose functionality is even better. An adjustable-height desk, for instance, will help keep your health intact while you work. After all, you like to get the most out of the least.

  2. The Trainwreck

    In opposition to the minimalist, your desk is home to anything and everything. And while your life may feel a bit crazy, others can benefit from your creativity. Nothing goes in a particular place because ideas come at you faster than a speeding bullet. Who has time to clean up when you have so many thoughts?

    What you need is some serious storage solutions and fast. Mobile filing cabinets will help keep your coworkers happy contributing to a cleaner-looking office while also allowing you to store your stuff neatly when needed. Office desks with drawers will help you slide all those papers off your desktop and out of sight when your boss is feeling a bit on edge. Keep the ideas—and the paperwork—continually flowing.

    messy desk
  3. The Adventurer

    A true extrovert, you love meeting new people and going to exotic places. You like to keep conversation starters on your desk: postcards from your big adventures, exotic artifacts from faraway lands, or cool items from the latest internet craze. You make everyday life more fun for your office neighbors, and you work better when you can talk things out and brainstorm with others throughout the day.

    If you cannot get out for your next adventure, bring the adventure to you: create a desk area that is collab-friendly. Collaborative workspaces will actually help you get more done since sharing ideas is how you thrive.

  4. The Tech Geek

    If there’s new tech gear to be had, you have it. And it’s likely taking over your desk. Multiple monitors, tablets, and smart devices. And charging cables? They’re everywhere. If someone wants to know about the latest and greatest technology out there, they come to you.

    You believe that technology is magic and rightly so. You need a way to show off your gear while still leaving enough room to actually get to work. Storage furniture and open shelving is your friend. Keep your chargers together in one area with a power strip and embrace your inner geek.

    desk with different kinds of technology
  5. The Reserved

    A true introvert, you value your privacy and personal space. You work best in the quiet where you can concentrate and enter your own little world. Your desk is set up in such a way that it creates a small fortress. It could be with books stacked up on the edge or a small wall of strategically placed binders.

    You like to shut the world out while you focus on your work. You can get so focused on your work that you never move—much like the plants that form a protective barrier around your workspace. And while focus is good, sitting all day is not. A standing desk may be a good option to get you on your feet while still keeping your mind laser-focused on your work. Hide one away in the corner to stay incognito.

  6. The Quirky Collector

    Stamps, art, coffee mugs… Your desk is filled with collectibles. Collecting things gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Traditional or quirky, looking at your collections makes your heart joyful.

    Keeping your collections at the office can be fun and give your spirit a boost on those long days—but you do not want to let them take over. A beautiful bookcase may be the answer to accommodate your ever-expanding collection of quirky collateral. Collect on, friend.

  7. The Commander

    Your desk looks like a command center about to operate a top secret mission. Cork boards, planners, and files, oh my! You thrive on checklists and systems are your life. You are a goal setting master. You love to plan. Actually, planning is your favorite. Some may say you are a bit over organized but the way you see it there is no such thing.

    Support your inner commander-in-chief with a wall of printables that will keep you and your team on course and chart your way to success.

In conclusion

Do any of these quintessential desk personalities resonate with you? Or is your workspace a combination of more than one? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more insights into office life and culture.