It’s mardi gras time…in the office!

It’s mardi gras time…in the office!

Sure, Mardi Gras has a rowdy reputation, but there are lots of workplace-friendly activities you can plan to help bring the spirit of celebration and good cheer into the office. You don’t need to travel down to New Orleans to experience the best of this holiday. Check out these ideas for a Mardi Gras-themed office party:


An easy way to get into the Mardi Gras spirit is to start by decorating the office. Traditionally, the colors of Mardi Gras are green, purple, and gold, so go crazy with crepe paper and balloons in this fun color scheme. Don’t hold back! Nothing is too wild for Mardi Gras, so take this chance to decorate with glitter, feathers, and sequins. To get employees involved, hold a cubicle or office decorating contest. Offer a themed prize to the employee who comes up with the craziest ideas!

Dress Up

In some places, Mardi Gras is all about dressing down (*wink wink*), but when it comes to office celebrations, this holiday is all about dressing UP. Encourage your employees to wear their wackiest outfits to work, or play dress up in the office by distributing accessories like masks, boas, and beads. These feathered fans are a great way to get into the Mardi Gras spirit without too much effort. Plastic necklaces will keep your employees feeling festive all day. A good way to get the office excited about this celebration is to hold a mask decorating contest. Distribute plain paper masks and see who in the office can create the most exciting disguise.

Celebrate Traditions

Mardi Gras is a holiday rich in tradition. Take part in this holiday’s long history by serving beignets in the office. A beignet is a deep fried pastry, similar to a doughnut, traditionally eaten during Mardi Gras festivities. Make these treats from scratch, or order them up from a local bakery. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to pair your beignets with piping hot cups of coffee, breakroom style!

Party Hard

Some office holiday parties can be awkward. Without a planned activity, coworkers who don’t know each other well are often inclined to just stand around, waiting for the party to end. To keep your staff engaged, plan a Mardi Gras activity, such as an in-office parade. Your parade might be a little smaller than the multi-day celebration held in New Orleans, but this activity is a good chance to give talented coworkers a chance to show off their skills. You can give people the opportunity to contribute by encouraging them to perform on their musical instruments, show off their dance moves, or sing a song to the crowd. Who knows how much talent your office secretly holds!

Office party themes can be difficult to come up with, but a Mardi Gras party is an easy way to bring the spirit of celebration into your workplace.

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