How to throw a successful office halloween party

How to throw a successful office halloween party

Office parties are a fun way to team-build and unwind a bit at the office. However, sometimes coworkers can take a bit of prodding to get into the holiday spirit and mingle. Below are a few ideas on how to throw an enjoyable Halloween office party without having to spike the punch.

Setting the Mood

The best way to get people excited about an office party is to set the mood. My recommendation is to throw up as many fake spider webs as possible, wherever possible. Something about these things in combination with dimmed lights really set the tone for a Halloween celebration. Bonus points if you play haunted house sounds; there’s nothing like the sound of rattling chains and moaning ghouls to rouse coworkers in the holiday spirit.

Office Supplies to Party Supplies; A Terrifying Transformation

If you’re crunched for time or money, but still want to transform the office into an autumnal wonderland, try using common office supplies as party holiday supplies. Colorful pushpins or plain old paper brads can be used to decorate pumpkins last minute simply by stabbing them in. Grab a sharpie and draw some jack-o-lantern faces on orange balloons or any pumpkins that haven’t already been gored with push-pins. Use colored construction paper to cut out creepy photo-booth props like devil horns, bride of Frankenstein hair, or vampire fangs. Tape the cutouts onto sticks and post up a plain background for a photo-booth that’s bound to get people out of their cubicles.

Cubicle Trick-or-Treating

If your idea of an awesome office party includes a lot of relaxing and a lot of eating #1 you’re speaking my language and #2 cubicle trick-or-treating is probably for you. Invoke the magic of your younger years and parade your costume to your co-workers by visiting their cubes and begging for treats. Have everyone bring in candy or other seasonal treats to give out right from the comfort of their very own desks. You could even implement a cubicle decorating contest, which would give “trick-or-treaters” an even greater incentive to check out everyone else’s area.

Creepy Clean-Up

After the trick-or-treating and frightful feasting on Halloween fare has gone down, now comes the truly scary part: cleaning up. Actually, cleaning up after the party doesn’t have to be as awful as it may sound. Have trash bags and clean-up supplies stationed strategically at milestones throughout the office along the cubicle trick-or-treating route. (Bonus points if you mark the trail with fake Styrofoam tombstones and hide trash cans behind them. Double bonus points if you rustle up a costumed co-worker or two to “scare” your colleagues into discarding their trash in the proper bins behind the tombstones.

One thing is for sure, an office party that includes on point décor and tasty treats is never ever a failure. What are some of your favorite tips for putting together a claw-some Halloween office party? Let us know in the comments below.