Two items motivated office workers have at their desk

Two items motivated office workers have at their desk

Motivation is a highly valuable skill to have in the workplace. It provides you with a reason to do your job well and can aid you in moving forward with future career goals. But it’s not always easy to be and stay motivated, especially on days when the work gets you down or everything goes the wrong way.

Some people may be intrinsically motivated and need no help in this area, but you’ll likely find this to be more a rarity than a norm. There’s no shame in needing help with motivation, which at the end of the day really means having the desire to accomplish things.

Here are two techniques that can help any office worker become and stay motivated:

  1. End goal photo

    Ask yourself, if you haven’t before, what is your end goal for the job you are currently in. Is it to advance? To earn a paycheck? To learn and grow within a certain business sector? Whatever your end goal is, it’s important to recognize it, so give this some thought if you haven’t already. Once determined, find a visual reminder of it and make that your end goal photo. (Keep in mind, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo but should be something of that size and visual in nature.)

    For example, if your end goal is to advance in the workplace, perhaps tack up an index card with your favorite quote about advancement and make it one that prompts you to keep going. Or maybe your end goal is to earn a higher salary. You could put up a photo that reminds you of something you plan to do with earning more money. Maybe it’s a picture of a house you want to buy or a place you want to visit on vacation. Whatever your end goal is, it’s important to know it clearly. It answers the “why” you do what you do and gives purpose, both of which help greatly in staying motivated.

  2. Pro/Con list

    Every job has positives and negatives and all of it is widely subjective, depending on who you are. One way to stay motivated is to understand the good and the bad as you see it. First, make a list of the specific things you love about your job. Then list the things you hate about it. If the con side outweighs the pro side drastically, you may want to look for a different job.

    Making this list can show you how everything has positive and negative aspects. When the going gets tough, it can be a visual reminder of the good aspects, despite it not seeming like they exist at a certain moment. This list will act as a reminder that they do and can help you stay motivated. All work has peaks and valleys. Let this list remind you of the peaks while you’re in the valleys. (And when you’re on the peaks, this list can help keep you grounded as well.)