Submit a tutorial about office life. If we publish it, you get paid.

Submit a tutorial about office life. If we publish it, you get paid.

We’re assembling an inventory of tutorials for office workers – and we need your help. If you know how to solve a common office issue and can explain the process in a simple and engaging way, we want to hear from you! No need to be a professional writer, you just need to have skills to share.

So, how does it work?

We want written solutions to both simple and tough office issues, and we pay based on complexity and tutorial length. Compensation will go directly to your PayPal account. Don’t have PayPal? Get it here.

Solution Specialist

Solution Specialist

Short, simple guides for resolving common office issues

300 – 500 words $50

Tutorial  Technician

Tutorial Technician

Tackles issues that require more guidance and clarity

500 – 1000 words $100

How-to Hero

How-to Hero

Answers complicated problems with various solution paths

1,000+ words $150

The process:

Send us your idea

Send us your idea.

We’ll need an explanation of your tentative topic/tutorial and your rationale. You’ll give us a brief bio to establish credibility and your email address so we can contact you.

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Hang tight

Hang tight.

We’ll review your submission and either accept or reject it based on relevance and adherence to our writing standards. Expect a response within approximately three business days.

Review the guidelines

Get going

Get going.

Once your topic is approved, start writing! Our editorial staff will review your finished tutorial. We may ask you to make up to two revisions before final approval.

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Get paid

Get paid.

If your article is accepted, it will be assigned a “bounty” based on article length and thoroughness of the solution. Once you accept the bounty, the rights to the article will be transferred to us and we will compensate you through PayPal.

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Enjoy your Quill Blog celebrity status

Enjoy your Quill Blog celebrity status.

Finally, we will publish your article in our tutorial library for others to enjoy. Your article will be accompanied by a contributor profile and a link to your company or personal page.

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Start writing

What we need to avoidWondering what you should write about? Get creative! If there’s a challenge faced by office workers, then we want to publish an article about it.

Example themes:

  • Creative/lifehack uses of office supplies and equipment sold by
  • Keeping staff healthy and energized
  • Running an office effectively
What we need to avoidIf you’re feeling stuck, check out our current list of hot topics for inspiration and ideas. Once a hot topic is claimed, it will be removed from the list.

Hot topics:

  • Relevant and timely for Quill customers
  • Predetermined bounties and word count
  • Updated regularly