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Want to know more about Chartpak® Press-On Vinyl Letters & Numbers
Worth considering for their versatility, Chartpak vinyl letters give a professional look, are cost effective, and easy to use. Vinyl is durable, and sticks to clean, dry surfaces. The crisp edging on Chartpak letters gives an expert look in classrooms, shops, and offices. Punctuation is included, and Chartpak vinyl numbers are available as well.

Achieve a variety of professional looks with Chartpak vinyl letters

Important information displayed on walls and windows with Chartpak vinyl letters can be eye-catching and look professional. Use self-adhesive letters on store banners, windows, or classroom exhibits to motivate and inspire students, or to challenge staff and persuade customers. Include an assortment of classroom decor from teaching and school supplies for an attractive display. Use on books, calendars, notice boards and equipment, as well as windows and walls, to bring a themed look together.

Use Chartpak letters as learning aids for adults and children

Aside from creating great looking displays to motivate kids in their classes, Chartpak letters are good for critical instructions. Cut to a high-quality, they clearly show up on a window, a piece of equipment, or wall. These self adhesive letters can quickly make a sign for last minute events, providing directions, information, or product locations. From signing the exit to displaying a warning, letters, numbers and cut outs have many benefits in and out of the classroom. These features include:

  • A range of sizes
  • Inside and outside use
  • Durable and permanent
  • Crisp, clean lines
  • Punctuation included in pack
  • Professional look for schools and businesses
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Sticks to clean, dry surfaces
  • Helvetica font

Be creative, and turn books, posters, and walls into a canvas. With Chartpak vinyl numbers as part of your supply, the possibilities are endless.

An easy to read, professional look gives credence to your business

The range of Chartpak vinyl letters and numbers, multi color sets, and themes available revive classroom decorations or a storefront in a positive, informative way. Displayed on the walls of a room or on equipment, adhesive vinyl letters grab attention, and generate discussions on topics among peers. Communication through visual means is effective and essential in today’s world, and Chartpak vinyl letters and numbers are a great asset to achieve that when used with other art supplies. Check out the extensive range that Quill offers.

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