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Foot Health Awareness Month: Best Shoes for Foot Health

Feet are the workhorses of the human frame. Way down there, never getting the attention they deserve, stuffed in uncomfortable shoes — just imagine if your mittens pushed all of your fingers together every time you went to a nice restaurant. So, in the spirit of the season (it is Foot Health Awareness Month) we're going to give you 3 simple tips on healthy feet, shoes that will keep them healthy, and the know-how that goes along with it.

1. The Right Shoes = Healthy Feet

We can’t all walk around barefoot. That, strangely enough, is a problem. The human body wasn’t made to be pressed into constricting scenarios for long periods of time, but more often than not we wear shoes that do just that. High heels, skinny boots, even major brands of running shoes all compress your toes and feet into positions they should not be in.

So, what are the best shoes for foot health? That is going to depend on your foot. Some people have flat feet and need to wear insoles to ensure arch support. Moving around on your feet all day, you’re going to need some ankle support to go with those arches. Work in a restaurant where you’re running around with food for the 7-to-9 rush? Those restaurant clogs aren’t just for style — they’re going to keep your feet fit and your customers happy. However, you’ll want to consult a professional to know what the best fit is for you.

2. Caring For Your Feet

Like we said above, the feet are the workhorses of your body. Nearly everything you do involves moving around on your feet, ankles, and lower legs. Foot care is as important as any other aspect of your health care regimen. That means eating healthy and keeping your weight in check. Obesity leads to a host of health problems which can affect your feet, and consequently, your mobility. If you’re already keeping track of your diet, make sure to check your feet frequently for any issues that require more than staring at them in the shower. Bunions and hammertoes are not normal. Checking up on your feet will enable you to spot these kinds of problems early and lead to you to keeping happy, healthy feet.

3. Foot Maintenance

This one goes part and parcel with the two above —foot maintenance means making sure your shoes aren’t crushing your toes. It means keeping your feet hygienic and free of any kinds of toxins that may exist in your work place. Work in a hospital? Make sure you’re keeping your elastic shoe covers fresh and tight. Make sure you’re changing your insoles and other foot health items as frequently as they need to be changed.

This may all seem like basic hygiene and grooming, but ensuring the safety and health of the two things that get you everywhere you need to go is the kind of task that needs to go above and beyond the common day to day. To find more helpful articles regarding maintaining your foot health and other health-related concerns, check out these helpful healthcare blogs and articles from There is a lot we need to do to make sure we keep our bodies in performance shape.

Staying ahead of the game is better than trying to play catch up in the 4th quarter.