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Ideas from Customers on Using Quill's Free Gifts

“This is the coolest thing you guys do.” – Kathy F.

Gift and Smiley Face
Ricekrispies Treats and Twizzlers

Brighten Any Workday

Office supplies are essential, but Quill customers know a good workday is about more than having paper towels and toner in stock.

“Anytime I can share (the free gifts) with them they're all just very happy—puts a smile on their face.” – Sue S.

Tote Bags

Reward your team.

Quill customers use our gifts in a variety of ways. But by far, the most common use is to recognize and reward the people that they work with.

“I'll tell you what I do: I get the tote bags, the pans, emergency lights and I keep them all in my cupboard. And at Christmas I put out a gift table and I let everyone come and take a gift. And they're just tickled to death. So that's my favorite part.” – Claudia M.

“Sometimes we'll run a contest with the employees (to see who can conduct the most surveys). Whoever has the most gets to pick—I just lay everything out and let them pick whatever they want. And I give them out sometimes if someone does something extra special.” – Kathy F.

“I absolutely do (give away gifts in the office). Some of the workers like to use blankets. Or could use cooking utensils. I just kind of put them out there on their table and say, 'This is for you guys if you all need anything.' A couple times I have collected stuff like Rachael Ray cookware and we have a big silent auction for Relay for Life. So sometimes I collect money from free stuff that you all offer.” – Tammy M.

Kitchen Appliance and Pizza Cutter

Bring more to your business.

Many customers appreciate that the free gifts let them bring extra value to their business—items that let them take better care of their people without spending extra.

“A lot of the free gift coupons I give to people who need things, like a family who didn't have a decent set of pans. I made sure I got them the Farberware pans that you all had on there. And I didn't buy things just to get that. I had to buy things and I could get that.” – Tammy M.

“If I can get the same thing on Quill that I can find (elsewhere) for about the same price, I'm gonna go with Quill so I can get the box of cookie or the hand sanitizer that I've been able to put all throughout the building.” – John S.

Sanitizing Wipes and Portable Wireless Speaker Fan

Make a better workplace.

Beyond using gifts to improve office morale, Quill customers use our gifts for things for the office they would have had to buy separately.

“We needed this—a mini projector with Bluetooth indoor/outdoor screen bundle. Just got it today. We're going to use it in the office when we have meetings.” – Kathy F.

“The stuff that lets me save money by getting a free gift is pretty cool. Like stocking the kitchen. I didn't have to go out and purchase things for the kitchen because you all had a bunch of free items. Everyone is thankful that we now have can openers and stuff that we can have grilled cheese on. Simple stuff like that.” – Tammy M.

Mrs. Fields Cookies

The all-time favorite.

We couldn't talk about free gifts without mentioning Mrs. Fields cookies. Mainly because our customers can't stop talking about them.

“We always do the cookies. They go very quickly.” – Barbara Z.

“I just set them out and they're gone.” – John S.

“I just put them out in the back for lunch on Friday. Just for a treat. They fight over them constantly” – Claudia M.