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Water to the rescue: Is dehydration draining your employees?

Water to the Rescue: Is Dehydration Draining Your Employees?

Because water accounts for up three quarters of our body weight, it plays an important part in the functioning of every cell, tissue, and organ. When a person consumes less water than they've lost, they compromise a gamut of brain functions from thought and memory processes to hormone production and neurotransmitter production. Without enough H2O each day, thinking, focus, alertness, creativity, and more can be hindered. The best way to deal with dehydration is to prevent it. Consider stocking your breakroom fridge with bottled water, installing water dispensers with convenient locations throughout the office, and/or investing in an office water service. Providing options to flavor water can also ensure your employees stay adequately hydrated. Read on for more tips to prevent office dehydration.

Water to the Rescue: Is Dehydration Draining Your Employees?

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