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Payment options

For All Accounts

Credit cards accepted by Quill.com are:

Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, or GSA SmartPay™

For Business Accounts

You may pay with a credit card listed above or apply for a Quill.com Open Account. It allows approved businesses net 30 day payment option with invoices mailed separately from your order within 2 days of shipment. To apply, select the Invoice My Account option at checkout and complete your order. Not all businesses will qualify for Open Account credit terms. If there are any questions, a Quill.com representative will contact you.

Pay Invoices Online

To make an invoice payment by phone, please contact us at 800-789-1331.

Payment Mailing Address:
Quill Corporation
P.O. Box 37600
Philadelphia, PA

Our Manage My Account page puts you in control

Access to the full range of tools and resources available to you starts with a click of the My Account link located on the menu bar at the top of any page. On the Manage My Account page, you have access to your detailed account information and features including:

Order History & Tracking
In our Self Service Center you have access to a full 13 months of order details, Order Tracking and the ability to quickly re-order items from past orders.

Make A Return
No need to call—just use the Easy Return Wizard to initiate both your return request and a replacement order, and we’ll respond within 2 business hours. From here you can also access our complete Return Policy.

Items Purchased Reports
To review the items you’ve ordered you can access reports in various forms for tracking product usage, ordering frequency and budgeting purposes. Sort by product category, quantity and more with a simple click on any column header.

My Invoices
With one click you can view invoices from the past 30 days, or select your desired date range to see up to the past 13 months.

Account Balance
View any unpaid invoice with just one click.

Account Alerts
Sign up to have alerts sent directly to a specified e–mail address notifying you when an order has shipped, a new electronic invoice is available, an invoice payment is due in 6 days or when an invoice payment is past due.

Reorder Fast

Simply click on the Reorder Fast link at the top of every page to quickly access tools such as rapid reorder, best seller lists, favorites lists, private sales and catalog quick order.