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Workplace Wellness

Increase Productivity with a Clean Workplace.

Albert Einstein has been quoted with saying, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

While we all can see the humor in this statement, many of us can find it extremely difficult to accomplish anything when our workspace is unorganized and dirty. Searching for notes, moving piles of paper or brushing away yesterday’s sandwich crumbs can be distracting and increase the challenge to complete everyday tasks. In fact, there have been recent studies conducted that show a dirty, cluttered desk can result in poor productivity.

In 2011, the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute had a team of researchers conduct a study related to uncluttered and organized living. The results were posted in The Journal of Neuroscience.  They found that chaos created by a cluttered environment limits one’s ability to remain focused and limits the brain’s ability to process information. When your work area is uncluttered and organized, you are able to stay focused and understand your information with more clarity.

Clutter not only hinders productivity, it can also produce unnecessary workplace stress. We’ve all had that feeling that our work wasn’t complete. That probably led to a feeling of guilt and maybe even an emotional overload. If we all took a little time to keep our desk clean and organized, we would definitely develop a positive sense of accomplishment.

We know that chaotic desk can impact your day. Unfortunately, a cluttered desk has an evil partner, the dirty desk. Like the unorganized office, an unclean workspace can lead to poor productivity. Germs and bacteria are more likely to spread. That can lead to an increase in sick days and employee absences. 

The Minnesota Department of Health performed studies on building occupants. They reported that dust can cause dry eyes, lethargy and headaches which led to a perceived a loss in performance.

You may have a Spring Cleaning plan for your home, but it might be time to consider one for your office. The results may open your eyes and show how more productive your office truly can be.

Download a Spring Cleaning checklist now.