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Office Supplies

Office supplies like, sticky notes, pens, folders, binders, labels, envelopes, storage solutions and more—are all essential to your work. Quill office supplies, such as paper clips, rubber bands, tape and staplers, offer a great way to save money without compromising quality. Shop business supplies and other office products at Quill for the best deals, customer service and quality.

File folders, file dividers, binders & storage

The most successful businesses rely on well–organized filing systems. Without one, you risk losing valuable time, put productivity levels at an unnecessary low, and make it more time–consuming to train new staff members. When file folders or storage space runs low, employees get frustrated, leaving important paperwork unaccounted for. Prevent files from being misplaced. Make sure your office supply closet is complete with plenty of hanging file folders, file storage boxes, binders and binder dividers. Quill carries all of their favorite brands, like Smead, Pendaflex, Avery, Cardinal and Staples.

Pens, pencils, markers & more

Keep good ideas flowing with a well–stocked supply of ballpoint pens and roller balls to provide employees with their preferred writing instruments. For convenience without the added expense, stock plenty of ballpoint pens—one of the most widely used and affordable types. For more luxurious writing preferences, try stocking a limited supply of gel pens, roller balls or executive pens. A good rule of thumb, is to order a mix of black, blue and red pens to meet each business units unique needs. Browse brands like, bic, Pilot, Paper Mate, uni–ball, and Zebra.

Post–it notes, staples, paper clips, rubber bands

It's easy for employees to take for granted everyday supplies, like Post–It notes, staples, paper clips and rubber bands—but as soon as they run out, you'll be the first to know. That's why well–prepared admins like you, stay on top of basic office supply levels, ensuring employees don't fall apart because they're out of their favorite Post–It flags. Avoid the unnecessary supply request notes, keep basic office supplies stocked.

Notepads & legal pads

A notepad is so simple, it's easy to overlook, yet where would we be without it. The quickest way to capture your ideas is to write it down. Some employees prefer spiral–bound project planner style note pads, while others are partial to the standard note pad. You'll want to keep a good amount of each on hand. Whether you're jotting down the office supply list, or taking notes during a meeting, a good legal pad or note pad is all you need to capture fleeting thoughts. For on-the-go note taking in the field or at the warehouse, consider preferred clipboards for a sturdy writing surface anywhere work takes you.

Planners & calendars

Speaking of reminders, there's no better way to keep important dates, appointments or to–do's top–of–mind than using a good planner or well–displayed desk calendar. Luckily, you won't have to remember to order these, except once a year. Mark your calendars, you should order enough for the whole office this January.

Desk accessories & organization solutions

An organized business begins with each employee. The easier it is for them to stay organized, the better equipped they'll be to do their job. Help every staffer stay on top of important tasks with helpful desk organizers, like pen/pencil cups, file holders and paper trays. Keeping desks tidy and paperwork neat, not only represents your company well, but keeps the business running as efficiently as possible. Add in a few cute office supplies to personalize your office.

Everyday office essentials & beyond the basics

At Quill, we know your company is more than just business. You make sure to provide a clean and inviting office that makes employees happy to come to work. To simplify your ordering process, we've taken that into account, making sure it's as easy to order office supplies as is it is to order cleaning supplies and breakroom supplies. Find everything you need to keep your janitorial closet and breakroom pantry completely stocked.

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