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Make outdoor signs stand out against headlights with wear-resistant retro reflective tape. Use black reflective tape for multiple safety purposes such as marking overhead beams, or low hanging ceilings. Place red reflective tape on poles, machinery, and vehicles to help prevent accidents on job sites.

Retro reflective tape as a safety measure

There are several ways businesses can use, and benefit, from using reflective tape. Using safety and reflective tape as an additional protective measure in warehouses, loading docks, and on machinery helps deter preventable accidents. They‘re beneficial for various construction jobs from roadwork to architecture. Use red retro reflective tape to mark helmets, work vests, and large tools, and to alert drivers when employees work outdoors or in potentially dangerous areas.

Types of safety and security tapes

One of the main benefits of using colored retro tape is once it loses its adhesiveness, you can just replace it. Different colors of tape work better for specific jobs. For example, white or red retro reflective tapes work well for trucks and trailers, while blue or black retro reflective tape helps boats and other watercraft stand out at night. Options for other forms of safety, error, and protective tape for businesses include:

  • Correction — Tape over writing and typing mistakes for easy editing with correction tape 
  • Reflective — Reflective tape sends light out in several angles, making it ideal for trucks, bikes, and other transportation vehicles
  • Outdoor — Outdoor tape is weather resistant, durable, and can clearly mark buildings and vehicles
  • Security — Tamper evident security tape comes in red, blue, and black, and won’t realign if lifted after sealing

Retro reflective tape and reflective tape reflect light differently. Retro reflective tape takes light in from, then reflects light out to the same point. This makes retro reflective better for use on clothing and work gear.

Outdoor reflective tape for home use

Durable, water and fade-resistant outdoor reflective tape can help protect personal and business property from damage. Use red retro reflective tape on yard signs, mailboxes, and garage doors to alert drivers before they get too close. Use it on clothing for running or walking at night, or on a bicycle as an additional safety precaution.

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