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Sloping Coccyx Cushions Improve Every Aspect of Work Life

Sloping coccyx cushions are a critical component of any work place, giving the bottom a soft place to land for the long hours of a work day or just a few minutes between tasks. Sitting can be hard on the body by putting pressure on the spine, straining the muscles and limiting good blood circulation. Sloping coccyx cushions not only remove the torture from a day at work, but they also help employees to focus on work and be more efficient. The cushions are designed for any chair, from those in the break room to those at the desks or in cars, making it the ultimate portable sitting solution.

Rediscover Comfort at the Work Place

Sitting for long periods of time can take its toll on the human body, especially the tailbone, which bears the brunt of body weight. Sloping coccyx cushions provide a soft surface that's still firm enough to take the weight off the spine. It boasts a slight give and slopes slightly forward for ultimate comfort. Once employees rediscover the comfort of sitting, they no longer find themselves fidgeting restlessly or watching the clock, wondering if the minute hand really is moving forward. Once they're comfortable at their work stations, contentment follows, important for a happy employee and an efficient worker.

Improve Your Work Efficiency

Employees that have rediscovered ultimate comfort in the work place can then refocus on their work and improve their efficiency. Instead of getting up from their chairs often to work out the pins and needles caused by an unforgiving chair or return blood circulation to their lower extremities that have long since turned numb, they can sit and work for longer periods of time. Furthermore, during the time that they're actually working, their minds can be focused 100 percent on the task instead of distracted by discomfort. They can get more done, actually cleaning out their inboxes instead of watching work stack up as they desperately pace around their cubicles to work out the kinks of sitting.

Take Comfort on the Road

DMI's sloping coccyx cushions are portable, which means that employees can take their comfort with them on all business trips and outings. The cushion even fits neatly into cars for a luxurious drive. They no longer have to dread those interminable business trips, small airline seats or long drives that usually end in discomfort, pain and numb legs. The coccyx cushion gives them a soft place to sit, even for hours on end. Furthermore, they can even transfer the cushions from their work desk chairs to the the chairs in the meeting room so they don't have to suffer pain and discomfort for even a moment, inevitably becoming the envy of all their coworkers.