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<h2>Specialty Envelopes Offer Mailing and Storage Options</h2><p>Solve your storage and mailing woes by adding an assortment of specialty envelopes to your office or clinic supply closet. By selecting envelopes that are just the right size, and in hues like crisp white instead of traditional manila, you can make your mailings look more polished and professional.</p><h3>Select Envelopes of the Perfect Size and Shape</h3><p>Stuffing your carefully produced marketing or customer communication materials into generic-sized envelopes degrades the polished look of your mailings. Make it clear to customers that your company applies exemplary attention to detail in all things it does by taking the time to get envelopes that fit just right. Making your catalog or welcome kit truly stand out is as simple as choosing an envelope that fits like a glove. Whether you're mailing a magazine-sized communication or a petite invitation to your grand opening, you'll find an envelope perfectly sized to fit your needs.</p><h3>Catch Customers' Attention With Pre-Printed Envelopes</h3><p>Catching your customers' attention can save your mailing from being deemed junk and quickly redirected to the trashcan. One way to get your customers to open and read your mailings is to pick envelopes that communicate the importance of the message. Select envelopes with pre-printed words and images that enhance the professional look of your mailings and communicate how useful the information contained can be. Placing your mailers in envelopes pre-printed to read "First Class Mail," for example, can help make the difference between getting eyeballs on your message and getting it tossed in the circular file.</p><h3>Store Odds and Ends of Various Sizes and Shapes</h3><p>Store everything from keys and bolts to back-breakingly large business plan drafts in inexpensive and easy-to-replace envelopes. If extra keys, errand change, and small parts and pieces constantly clutter up your workspace, solve the problem conveniently and affordably with coin envelopes. Upon tucking these items away in petite pouches, you can label them and file them with ease. If large stacks of important papers create tripping and fire hazards in your space – not to mention creating an unsightly mess – purchase some expanding catalog envelopes and safely file them for future reference.</p><h3>Add a Professional Touch to Your Business</h3><p>Clearly communicate to customers how professional your small business is by selecting envelopes with flair and functionality. For example, purchase pre-printed X-ray envelopes for your clinic or medical records office. When you provide these carefully sized and ready-for-labeling envelopes to your customers or peers in other offices, you clearly communicate how structured your business truly is. These pre-printed envelopes also allow for easier communication, as you no longer need to send along accompanying paperwork. Instead, simply put the vital information on the envelopes themselves.</p>