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Big and Tall Office Chairs for Comfort and Professionalism

No matter how long your employees are at their desks throughout the day, big and tall chairs are going to make a difference in their overall comfort. Chairs are fully adjustable, so employees can set them up exactly how they like, no matter their size. Expect clients to take notice of the professional image your chosen furniture projects.

Keep Employees Comfortable Throughout the Day

Employees with desk jobs are going to appreciate big and tall chairs designed with comfort and support in mind. Broad backs, extra padding and lumbar support combine to create a comfy seating experience that prevents back pain or that stiff feeling you get after sitting down all day. With big and tall chairs, expect more satisfied employees who don't need as many breaks to stretch their legs.

Accommodate Employees of Any Size

With adjustable seat heights, arms and back support, big and tall chairs allow all your employees to find the most comfortable, efficient setup. Chairs are available with maximum weight ratings from 250 to over 500 pounds, so you aren't going to have a problem finding chairs that can accommodate anyone in your office. When you choose a chair with a high maximum weight rating, you can also be confident it's durable enough to handle extended use.

Create an Upscale Environment at Your Office

As one of the first things clients see when they enter your office, your furniture sends a message about your business. Try large leather chairs in a color that matches the rest of your office to present an upscale image that reflects the high quality your business offers.