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Padded Mailers to Ship Fragile Items

Padded mailers use lightweight yet durable materials with a padded lining to cushion the bumps that inevitably happen during shipping. These mailers provide more protection than a plain envelope and cost less to ship than a cardboard box. Guarantee fragile items reach their destination intact with padded envelopes. Stock up on mailers, which require less storage space than empty boxes.

Keep Shipping Costs Low

If your office sends a lot of small items that just need a little cushioning, padded mailers offer a convenient packaging solution. With exterior materials such as polyolefin and Kraft stock, the weight of the mailers is lower than that of cardboard boxes. Padding built in to the envelope means there's also no need for additional cushioning material, keeping the weight low. Ship products or promotional items in padded mailers, and pay less at the post office or through the postage meter.

Simplify Shipping

Padded mailers make shipping easy. The envelopes are ready to use right out of the package — no wrestling with rolls of bubble wrap, constructing the container or taping to hold it together. Your employees slide in the goodies and close the mailer with the self-adhesive flap. Slap mailing labels on the outside of the mailer, and the package is ready to ship. The filled mailers are relatively slim and easy to manage on the way to your shipping company of choice.

Protect Your Goods

Tear- and moisture-resistant materials on the outside of the envelopes keeps the goods inside safe. If you want extra protection, choose a waterproof mailer, such as the ones from Durabubble. Some even come with a tamper-evident closure so the recipient knows if anyone peeked inside before the package arrived.