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Carafes for Easy Beverage Serving

Stock the office break room with assorted carafes, and be ready for any drink-serving situation. From everyday employee use during breaks to refreshments for clients or even special meals and open house events, there's nothing like the perfect carafe to make beverage serving a breeze.

Break room Basics

Keeping your employees hydrated is a secret weapon for increasing focus. Fill their cups with assorted beverages, and keep all your employees at the top of their game. Try an iced tea infusion pot, a countertop beverage dispenser or a flip-top carafe for juice. Replacement coffee pot carafes keep the employees happy with a steady stream of java that keeps the creative juices flowing.

Reception Refreshments

A refreshing beverage makes your clients feel right at home while they wait. Place an airpot filled with hot coffee in the reception area so visitors can always have a warm cup of joe. If you want to offer additional refreshments to waiting clients, fill a beverage dispenser with ice water. If you want to get fancy for your guests, use an infuser beverage dispenser with lemon or cucumber slices to add flavor.

Special Sips

Special events such as open houses, client receptions or holiday parties call for extra drink service. Don't get left holding the water jug. Choose the drink dispensers and carafes that fit the type of beverages you serve. If you host an evening event, this might include wine, which impresses guests in a wine decanter. Carafes make it easy to serve beverages and give your event a coordinated look.