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Colored File Folders

Smead® Colored File Folders (24)

Quill Brand® 11-pt. Colored File Folders (22)

Smead® Recycled 1/3-Cut Colored Pressboard Top-Tab Folders (10)

Smead® SuperTab™ Assorted Color File Folders (9)

Quill Brand® Recycled 1/3-cut Interior Folders (8)

Quill® 11-pt. Colored File Folders in 1/3 Cut (8)

Colored File Folders (6)

Quill® 25-pt. Heavy-duty Pressboard Folders (Recycled) (6)

Smead® Expanding Recycled Heavy Pressboard Folders (5)

Smead® Reinforced Tab Colored Folders (4)

Pendaflex® Earthwise® 100% Recycled 1/3 Cut Colored File Folders (3)

Pendaflex® File Folders (2)

Sustainable Earth Brand by Staples® File Folders (2)

Multi-Section File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® 1/3-Cut Assorted Double Stuff® File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® Colored Interior Folders (Recycled) (1)

Pendaflex® Cutless™ Color File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® Divide It Up™ Multi-Section File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® File Folders with Erasable Tabs (1)

Pendaflex® File Folders with InfoPockets® (Recycled) (1)

Pendaflex® Ready-Tab® Colored File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® Reinforced-Top File Folders (1)

Pendaflex® WaterShed/CutLess® Folders (1)

Pendeflex® Printed Notes File Folders (1)

Quill Brand® 14-pt. Colored File Folders (1)

Quill Brand® Colored File Folders Offers (1)

Quill Brand® Plastic File Folders (1)

Quill Brand® Secure Expanding Colored File Folders (1)

Smead® 1/3-Cut Assorted Color File Folders (1)

Smead® Antimicrobial Colored File Folders (1)

Smead® Colored Organizer File Folders (1)

Smead® Recycled Top Tab Pressboard Folders (1)

Staples® Colored File Folders (1)

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