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Ballpoint Pens to Cover Office Writing Needs

No office is complete without a steady supply of ballpoint pens. Even if most of the work in your office happens via technology, employees still need to jot notes, complete forms by hand and walk around with a pen tucked stylishly behind the ear. The many available style options let you choose the ballpoint pens that fit the office budget without sacrificing writing quality.

Keep Your Pen Stockpile Full

How often do you put your pen down, only to realize you can't find it two minutes later? It happens to the best of us, especially busy professionals working on numerous projects at once. Keeping a large supply of ballpoint pens on hand means no employee ever has to go without a reliable writing utensil. When one pen disappears into the abyss of lost office supplies, another is waiting to take its place. Ink from a ballpoint pen glides smoothly across the paper, letting your employees write all the notes they need without frustrating dragging or skipping.

Expand Your Ballpoint Pen Selection

You have your favorite style of ballpoint pen, but others in the office likely have different preferences. With a wide selection of pen styles, you can stock the office supply room with a variety of options so everyone can play favorites. From the finish of the pen to the shape and the grip, each feels a little different in the hand. The size of the tip and ink color also affect the experience. Some of your employees may prefer the thin, crisp lines of fine-tip pens, while others like the bold, thick lines of a larger tip. And don't even get started on the black versus blue ink debate. It's bound to cause heated debates around the water cooler if you bring it up. Instead, stock it all so each employee gets a pen that checks off all the boxes when it comes to pen style preference.

Pull Double Duty

Pens easily handle all those notes your employees jot down or forms clients fill out, but some ballpoint pens have an added little bonus. Choose a style of ballpoint pen with a built-in stylus if staff use touch-screen devices, such as tablets or smartphones. One simple tool pulls double duty: ballpoint pen for paper use and sleek stylus for technology purposes. Other pens come with built-in laser pointers or flashlights. Have an impromptu presentation? A laser pointer pen helps you make your point moments after you jot presentation notes without switching tools. Monteverde offers a wide range of pen options, including some high-end options that work well as gifts. There's something about the weight of a high-end pen in your hand. Use them to recognize employee achievements, such as top sales or years of service to the company. It's no trip to Hawaii, but sometimes feeling appreciated with a small token is just what your employees need.