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Corrugate Mailers Provide a Smart Choice for Shipping

When your company needs shipping containers for small products, consider corrugated mailers. These small boxes are available in various sizes to fit your packing needs, are economical, provide protection and are environmentally friendly.

Corrugated Mailers Are Sized to Fit Your Company's Needs

Variety is the spice of life, and many small businesses mail many different sized items to customers. If your company needs multiple sized mailers, corrugated is a logical choice. Besides the standard sizes available, some mailers only require you to place the object you are packing in the center of the sheet of cardboard and fold the sides to form a box that fits perfectly every time. Most mailers are shipped flat to your company, so you can store them in a small space until they are needed. Some fold into shape for use without requiring tape or glue.

The Economic Advantage of Corrugated Mailers

Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money and repeating the job regularly. Take part and increase your profit by choosing cardboard. This simple material is less expensive than plastic. The air space between the folds of paper adds no weight to the container and makes it more affordable to ship, whether you choose to use the mail or a parcel delivery service.

The Protection of Corrugation

Whether you are mailing eggs or paperwork, it is important that the materials you enclose in the package make it to their destination intact. The fluted paper layer provides padding for fragile contents in the container. Corrugated containers are available in multiple crush strengths, so if shipping requires a stronger container, you have the option of selecting a container with multiple layers of fluting. The construction makes the containers tear-resistant and prevents the loss of the container contents due to damage to the packaging in transit. The triple-layer construction helps to wick away moisture from the contents in the event of exposure to the weather or spills from nearby packages.

Corrugated Mailers Are Reusable and Recyclable

Do your part to ensure your company is following green business practices. Corrugated mailers provide a good ecological choice. Manufacturers often use pine or birch tree pulp along with reclaimed fibers to manufacture the cardboard. Managed forests serve as one of the sustainable sources for the trees. Once the containers ship from your business, your customer has the choice of using it again for shipping or the latest Pinterest craft. At the end of the container's life cycle, it can be recycled to provide more fiber for new containers; however, even if it ends up in a landfill, corrugated materials are biodegradable, so the box you use to send a client a free sample does not add to the materials that take hundreds of years to decompose.