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Whiteboards are great for brainstorming the next big idea. Make sure every conference room is complete with a magnetic dry erase board for on-the-fly meeting notes and keeping track of supporting documents. Read More

Dry-Erase & Wet-Erase Boards to Teach and Brainstorm

Dry-erase and wet-erase boards are ideal for brainstorming and teaching. Choose from all sizes, including mobile boards, for your office or classroom.

The dry-erase and wet-erase boards in your office or classroom are among the best tools you can provide to co-workers or students for brainstorming and communicating. White boards in all sizes are available to mount on your walls as a permanent communications tool; alternately, you can opt for mobile white boards to take the brainstorming where the ideas are.

Dry-Erase and Wet-Erase Boards Come in a Variety of Options

Choose from dry-erase and wet-erase boards framed in wood or aluminum, depending on the tone you wish to set in your classroom or conference room. For a fresh, trendy look, consider sleek glass dry erase boards. Many of our white boards are also magnetic, making them ideal when you want to post flyers, reminders or impressive examples of homework. If you want to take the brainstorming to the people with the ideas, opt for a rolling white board that's reversible, letting you amass double the number of brilliant ideas to get your team revved up.

Accessories for Your White Boards

Keep your white boards clean and ready for more work by stocking up on felt erasers and dry-eraser cleaner. Handy squirt bottles make it easy to clear off your dry-erase board on the fly, while large jugs of cleaner serve as economical refills. White board toilettes are another easy way to clean your dry-erase board, and accessory trays can snap right on to the bottom of your white boards to keep all your markers and cleaning supplies close at hand.

The dry erase board has become such a staple in offices, meeting rooms and classrooms around the world that it's hard to imagine how we ever got by without them. Whiteboards are indispensable tools for brainstorming, planning, presentations, to-do lists and doodles. In the world of office boards and signs, it's hard to think of one that works harder.

Quill carries white boards in a huge variety of sizes, so there's one for every place and purpose you can imagine. The large 4x8' dry erase board is great for sketching out ideas on a large scale, but we also have smaller boards for tight spaces, as well as portable whiteboards on wheels and personal-sized dry erase boards for learning. You can choose from wall-mounted dry erase boards, white boards on stands and easels and deluxe presentation boards finished in fine woods. In our selection you'll also find the dry erase board with grid for easy graphing, dry-erase calendars and planners and even peel-and-stick sheets for white boarding on the go. Magnetic whiteboards are an excellent choice if you want it to double as a message board: just hang memos with magnets! (We also carry combination dry erase and cork boards if you don't want to give up your thumbtack collection.)

Quill also offers all the accessories you need to keep your regular and magnetic whiteboards working hard: markers in all the colors of the rainbow, specialty erasers, cleaning solutions, sprays and wipes. No matter what your dry-erase requirements, you'll find the answer here at Quill.