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Duck Tape Has Multiple Uses Around the Workplace

Duct tape is used to fix countless on the job problems that require a strong, sticky solution, and it's a good idea to keep several rolls in supply as an all-purpose problem solver. Duct tape is constructed of strong adhesive, and when you stick it on on something, it doesn't budge. Your staff is sure to find countless uses for this tear-resistant tape. Order several rolls to ensure there's enough for each use.

Protect Surfaces From Scuff Marks and Scratches With Duct Tape

Duct tape is the simple solution for protecting pristine finishes on floors, walls and other damage-prone surfaces. Duct tape has a smooth exterior, which provides the perfect buffer between hard objects and workplace finishes. Wrap pieces of duct tape around the wheels of office chairs and carts to stop them from creating ugly scuff marks. Workers responsible for moving furniture can stick pieces of duct tape to the bottom of heavy items such as couches, tables and desks. Large furniture is much easier to slide across the room with the assistance of heavy-duty tape. Protect delicate surfaces with industrial-strength tape before placing objects against them that cause scratches. For example, tape a wall before leaning a ladder against it.

Stop Leaks and Flooding Using Duct Tape

Panic strikes when office plumbing fixtures spring a leak, and water quickly accumulates on the floor. Floods in the workplace are a danger to employees and customers, not to mention office carpeting is ruined by water damage. However, with rolls of duct tape on hand, a staff member can quickly wrap up a burst pipe, avoiding costly damages. Plug up holes and leaks temporarily using one of our trusty brands of duct tape.

Preserve Book Covers and Binders With Duct Tape

Managers and employees often use reference books for many years, and they can get pretty beat up over time. Book covers take the brunt of all this handling, and at some point, begin falling apart. When a valuable company book cannot easily be replaced, it's time to repair damaged book binding with duct tape. A few strategically placed pieces of strong tape can extend the life of any book for an indefinite period. Staff can turn ordinary binders into something special by wrapping them in duct tape. Creative staff members can create duct tape binder masterpieces by wrapping front and back binder covers entirely in standard gray, or another color.

Fix Tools and Office Furniture

Accidents happen on the job, and duct tapes provides you with a quick remedy for fixing broken tools and office furnishings. The flexibility of duct tape material is the main reason why it wraps just as easily around a broken chair leg as it does a broken hammer handle.

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