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Tape & Adhesives to Keep Your Company Together

Busy offices need to stick together, and Quill's selection of tape and adhesives can keep your staff fully stocked. Craft and construction professionals are constantly in need of special tapes and glues that hold tight, and our collection has them covered. For teachers, choose bulk packs of individual glue sticks or large bottles of glue to refill small dispensers.

Bulk Packs to Stock the Office

Employees are happy when they have the supplies they need. Running out of small items such as clear tape for posting memos or signs can cause frustrating hiccups in productivity. Purchase bulk packs of classic clear tape, or equip each desk with handy little glue tape dispensers. Choose refill rolls for desktop tape dispensers, or throw a few disposable packs in the supply cabinet.

Specialty Tape and Adhesives

Professional painters and other specialty contractors need ample supplies of masking tape and other adhesives to mark locations and create clean lines and borders. Whether you just need a few rolls on hand or stacks of tape rolls for big jobs, you'll find them here. Artisans and crafters can stock up on double-sided Velcro tape by the case to add to fabrics or other creative projects. Tape isn't all serious business, though; supply your business with double-sided hanging tape to put up decorative items or inspirational posters around the office.

Creative Classroom Supplies

For elementary school teachers, glue is a fact of life. Quill's selection of adhesives includes classic glue sticks with light adhesive properties to avoid sticky messes among students. Save money and cut down on waste by purchasing liquid glue refill bottles instead of entirely new individual bottles.

Tape Products Are Cheap and Versatile

Tape products are some of the most useful you can keep around your office. They're easy to store, easy to share and have plenty of excellent applications, ranging from repairing tears to color coordinating. There are many different types of tape products, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Tape Products Are Paper's Best Friend

If your busy employees are working out of an office, it's likely they're using tons of paper every day. Given the problems that come with paper, tape is the best asset you can have if something goes wrong. In the event of an important document ripping or tearing, a clear piece of tape is the perfect way to get it back together. If that paper is important and needs to be displayed, tape is often a better choice than a thumbtack, as you can avoid leaving damaging the walls in your place of business.

Versatility Leads to Creative Applications

One of the greatest benefits of having a versatile product is the potential for creative employees to demonstrate their ingenuity. Tape products fit that bill completely, as the different colors and styles allow for a large degree of freedom. Tape products comes in a variety of different colors and sizes, so in addition to holding documents up against a wall, they can be used for sorting documents by the color or size of the tape. This is just one example, but an exceptionally creative employee is sure to find additional uses for tape products, which is a great boon for a product that is already versatile in the first place.