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Easels Put Ideas and Artistry on Display

Easels are all about display. In the office environment, easels that adjust for tilt and height allow you to direct your message with optimal visibility. Rolling classroom easels come with storage bins to hold school supplies. For the artist, an adjustable easel holds the canvas at a comfortable painting level.

Easels in the Boardroom Give Presentations a Punch

Drum up support, engage your team and add dimension to a dry presentation by making your pitch on a boardroom easel. Large whiteboard easels have enough display area to provide visibility for everyone in the boardroom, and small tabletop easels work well for one-on-one proposal meetings. For conferences and trade shows, use a set of paperboard easels to scatter displays around the presentation area.

Classroom Easels as Teaching Assistants

Learning center easels have what it takes to help teachers in the classroom. Dry-erase boards provide the ideal space for real-time written lessons, and accessory trays keep markers and erasers close at hand. Hooks hold flip-board nursery books in place and give kids a good view in the story-time circle. After class, it's easy to roll away the learning center easel for a lesson in the next classroom.

Easels for Creating and Displaying Art

Make sure your art supply store is stocked with a wide variety of easels to give artists, teachers and gallery owners plenty of choices. A wooden easel is a good option for painting in the artist's studio, but for an out-of-town course in plein air painting, an easel that collapses to fit in a suitcase is a more versatile choice. Tripod easels are perfect for displaying pieces in temporary exhibits in galleries or traveling shows.