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Height-Adjustable Tables to Customize Work Spaces

Office work surfaces don't have to be one-size-fits-all when you furnish your office with height-adjustable tables. Your employees each have their own special skills and work duties. Make their work surfaces just as versatile with the option to raise or lower the tops. Adjustable tables let you use the surfaces while sitting or standing, giving your employees the flexibility to work their own way.

Work in Comfort

Your employees log a lot of hours around the desks and tables in the office, so you want them to feel comfortable and able to put out their best efforts. What is comfortable for one person may make it nearly impossible to work for another. Not only does personal height play a role in what makes a work surface a comfortable height, but personal preference also comes into play. Let your employees find just the right height for working comfortably. For some, that may mean standing while working on a hands-on project. Others might prefer to take a load off with a seated position. Most adjustable-height tables accommodate a wide range of heights so your employees can work all day without uncomfortable aches and pains from hunching over an improperly sized desk. Making your staff comfortable while they work with adjustable tables makes you the hero of the office. Your staff may even get you a mug to commemorate your achievements in office ergonomics.

Change Your Position

Some employees don't like to be stuck in a rut. They may feel like standing in the morning, but by afternoon they need to sit. Work duties that involve using the computer may seem more comfortable in a seated position, while putting together a 3-D model of a project is easier while standing. A higher work surface is often easier for a group to gather around when collaborating on a project. Whatever the reason, adjustable tables give your employees flexibility in how they use their work spaces throughout the day. Traditional tables stay in one position, limiting the flexibility of space use. Replace them with adjustable tables to maximize the office space you have available with the freedom to change the configuration on a whim.

Barely Lift a Finger

Tables with electric adjustments let your employees change positions without breaking a sweat. You don't have to designate the strongest person in the office as the official table-height adjuster, because anyone in the office can touch the simple controls that raise and lower tables. The tables move straight up and down, so your employees don't have to move the projects they're working on before making the switch. Some electric models even have preset options that let employees save their favorite heights so they don't waste time trying to find the perfect position. How's that for efficient use of employee time?