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Standing Desks for Flexible Work Stations

On their feet or in a seat: let your employees choose with standing desks as a work station option. Raise the work surface to a height comfortable for standing to eliminate the hunched-over position that often happens by the end of the work day when seated. Many units securely attach to the desks you already have, making this a simple modification to elevate the ergonomics in your office.

Elevate Work to a New Level

Some trends come and go, but the standing desk trend has merit. Sitting for hours on end has some potential negative effect on the body. By outfitting your office with standing desk, you invite employees to rise to the occasion and work in a more conducive position. Think of it as a new option under the employee wellness program. Standing desks feature a flat work surface, just like a standard desk, but the surface has an adjustable frame so it is at a comfortable height while the user stands. Employees can stand and move around easily to stay alert and productive. They can even sneak in a few squats between keystrokes if the mood strikes.

Sit at Will

Not all employees want to stand all day. Others can't stand for extended periods or at all due to health or mobility issues. Most standing desks also give the option of use in a seated position. With a quick adjustment to lower the work surface, an employee can take a seat as needed. This versatility encourages movement throughout the day. The simple act of changing from a seated to a standing position can help employees refocus and be more productive. Because many models attach to a traditional desk, you can simply remove the unit if an employee has no interest in standing while working.

Get a Grip

As someone who knows all about saving money and protecting company assets, the last thing you want to worry about is a wobbly work station or a standing desk unit that shifts around. While the designs vary, the units typically feature a wide base, some with rubberized legs that don't slide around at all. Still others, such as the InMovement Elevate line, attach securely to the existing desk, so you don't have to worry about work computers tumbling to the ground. Some models have monitor mounts that secure the monitor separately for additional peace of mind. So push those images of shattered computer screens out of your mind, and get ready to stand.

Customize the Work Station

Unlike standard office desks with a one-size-fits-all approach, standing desks feature adjustment options so each employee gets just the right position to make work comfortable. The user can adjust the height of the work surface to match personal preference so the computer and keyboard are at a comfortable position. Some standing desks offer a tilt option for optimal ergonomics, resulting in less strain and hunching.