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Tape, Fasteners & Adhesives

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Industrial Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Keep Things Together

Close gaps and protect surfaces with industrial adhesives, sealants and tapes that can be used for shipping, painting and repairs around the office.

Close seams in packing material, or seal the energy-draining leaks around windows and other fixtures, with industrial adhesives, sealants and tapes. From masking tape to protect surfaces during an office-wide repainting to caulk that fills in the gaps around plumbing fixtures, these sealants and adhesives are a must-have for nearly every upgrade or repair your office needs.

Tape of All Types

Equip your maintenance workers with multiple rolls of every type of tape they might need. Electrical tape is a safe choice for splicing wires and repairing shorts. Masking tape keeps drips of paint off trim and comes off easily, leaving no marks. Duct tape, originally developed for HVAC applications, is great at almost any job as a general-purpose tool. Remember to supply your shipping department with cellophane tape for wrapping parcels, ideally with a handheld dispenser that feeds tape to just the right length before cutting it with a serrated edge. This greatly speeds up packing and shipping and allows higher-volume shipping.

Sealed With a Twist

Permanently seal little gaps and open spaces with caulk and other sealants. Load a fresh tube of caulk into a caulk gun, and then lay down a smooth, uniform bead to stop leaking water from the plumbing system or escaping air from around window frames. Use thread sealant, or industrial piping compound, to make a good seal on threaded pipes carrying water, steam, air or gas. Apply the thread compound in small doses from a convenient handheld stick that's small enough to fit inside a utility belt.

A fast-acting glue will adhere to a surface in minutes and provide a tight seal or bond. Stock your office with a range of different products that will work with any project you need. With a selection of sealants and tape, you can seal boxes that you ship to customers, fix cracked equipment around the shop, and do much more.

The top brands. Shop for putties and adhesives from 3M, Tesa, and Berry Plastics to find the adhesive that has the strength that you need.

Fast-acting. Whether it's a durable tape or a liquid adhesive, you will find that most products stick to the materials in only a few seconds.

The right glue for the job. Use a sealant or adhesive for a variety of different surfaces, including metal, wood, and plastic.