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Label Makers Help Organize the Office

Label makers that clearly mark binders, file folders and cabinets help employees find what they need right away. Have workers mark cords with labels to make sure that they choose the right cords for their electronic devices and to take the guesswork out of choosing between similar cords. Labels make it easy to find inventory in storage rooms and to make customized mailing labels for your clients.

Easily Identify Files and Supplies Around the Office

Label makers from Leitz and Epson that print labels in several sizes make it easy for a hardworking employee to know the cabinet, drawer and file folder of any file in the office. Use label makers from Dymo and Casio to mark storage containers full of supplies or to make sure that employees who need a quick caffeine fix don't end up drinking decaf.

Quickly Label Cords and Equipment in the Office

"Eeny meeny miny mo" might be great for kids, but it isn't how you want people in the office to choose which cords to unplug. Handheld label makers from Brother make it easy for each employee to label cords and to pass the label maker along to the person in the next station. Labels placed at each end of cords and on equipment in server rooms makes it easier for technology professionals to maintain and fix important equipment. Make labels for your storeroom or warehouse area to keep track of inventory and to know at a glance when supplies are low.