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Masking Tape to Adhere Without Residue

Masking tape gets you through the sticky moments in the office when you need to hold things together. Its instant stick on contact makes it easy to use. With no residue left behind, your employees can use masking tape as much as they want without making a mess of office walls.

Hold Things in Place

The workplace presents plenty of opportunities to whip out the masking tape: a flyer, printed announcement, brainstorming list, safety poster. All get a secure spot on a wall or bulletin board with a few pieces of masking tape. The tape sticks on contact, so your employees don't need to build their muscles just to press it hard enough to stick. Plus, it works on almost any surface your employees encounter in the workplace, including brick walls.

Remove Without a Trace

Some things aren't meant to stick around forever. When that sign, diagram or flow chart is no longer necessary or it needs to move somewhere else, masking tape easily peels off surfaces without causing damage. It doesn't leave behind residue, so the surface stays clean without leftover stickiness. It's like the tape never existed.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Beige is the typical color of masking tape. It's classic, neutral and blends into the background. Want to shake things up a little? Choose a bright color from the Scotch Expressions line. Use the vivid colors to mark off areas on floors or walls, or use it to hold papers to the wall for a bold contrast that gets noticed.