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Scissors (30)

Fiskars® Pointed Tip Scissors (12)

Westcott® Kid's 5" Scissors (8)

Westcott® Pointed Tip Scissors (7)

Westcott® Titanium Scissors (7)

Westcott® Ultra Soft Handle Scissors (6)

Westcott® 5" Junior Scissors (5)

Fiskars® Pointed Tip for Kids (4)

Westcott® Contract Stainless-Steel Scissors (4)

Westcott® KleenEarth® Recycled Shears (4)

Westcott® Preferred™ Straight Scissors (4)

Westcott® Value Line Stainless Steel Shears (4)

3M™ Scotch™ Scissors (3)

Fiskars Blunt-Tip Children's Scissors (3)

Fiskars® Safe Scissors for Kids (3)

Quill® Stainless-Steel Scissors (3)

Westcott® Titanium Ultrasmooth® Scissors (3)

Westcott® Eversharp® with Microban® Protection Scissors (3)

Westcott® Hot-Forged Shears (3)

Westcott® Scissors with Microban® Protection (3)

Westcott® Soft-Handle Straight Scissors (3)

Westcott® Titanium Bonded® Scissors (3)

Westcott® E-Z Open™ Box Opener Stainless Steel Shears (2)

Westcott® ExtremEdge Titanium® Scissors (2)

Westcott® Kleencut® Stainless Steel Shears (2)

Westcott® Kleenearth® Stainless-steel Shears (2)

Westcott® Preferred™ Line Stainless Steel Scissors (2)

Westcott® Titanium Non-Stick 7" Straight Scissors (2)

X-acto® Graphic Knife (2)

Acme® Design Line Shears (1)

Crayola® Scissors (1)

Fiskars® All-Purpose Scissors (1)

Fiskars® Angled Tip Package Opener (1)

Westcott® Titanium Bonded® Scissors (1)

Westcott® 7" Office Snips (1)

Westcott® 7" Student Scissors with Microban® Protection (1)

Westcott® Antimicrobial BCA Scissors (1)

Westcott® Design Line Stainless Steel Scissors (1)

Westcott® Elite Stainless Straight Scissors (1)

Westcott® Kleencut® 8" Straight Shears (1)

Westcott® Pointed Scissors and Caddy with Microban® Protection (1)

Westcott® Value Line Stainless Steel Scissors (1)

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