Keep your employees safe with proper workplace safety equipment. Protective clothing, emergency equipment, traffic safety supplies, ergonomic devices and safety posters ensure a safer workplace and a quick response when accidents happen. Minimize on-the-job injuries with the right safety and emergency response equipment for your business.

  • Protect Employees' Health — Safety goggles and protective gloves keep employees safe when working with strong cleaning chemicals. Hard hats protect employees from falling debris or tools in construction zones. Ear plugs minimize discomfort and hearing loss in noisy work environments. Respirators filter contaminated air. Keep protective gear on hand for unexpected situations, and always be ready when problems develop.
  • Respond Quickly to Emergencies — A well-stocked first aid kit ensures prompt first aid for on-the-job injuries. Fire extinguishers nip workplace fires in the bud. Install appropriate smoke alarms and gas detectors to warn about problems before they get worse to minimize injuries and property damage.
  • Provide Safety and Legal Information — Safety posters inform employees about important safety rules. Display posters prominently to decrease rule violations and workplace accidents. Labor law posters provide employees with important information and meet legal human resource requirements.

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