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Social Studies Books Challenge Students and Assist Teachers

Incorporate social studies books and complementary texts into your teachers' resources to help them create lesson plans and motivate students. Wall maps and posters make social studies classrooms more appealing and satisfy visual learners. Take advantage of games and other resources to get younger students started with social studies learning.

Social Studies Textbooks and Supplementary Books

The right textbooks serve as a year-long guide for your school's social studies teachers, and supplementary books make history come alive to curious students. Choose from middle school government texts that are written in age-appropriate vocabulary with activities available for remedial students, put up mini posters, and use quizzes to assess students' comprehension of the text. Give your teachers resources that help them integrate social studies lessons with other disciplines while using brainstorming, deductive reasoning and primary sources to engage students. Have your teachers stimulate students to think beyond the pages of traditional textbooks by handing them supplementary texts that present U.S. history from lesser-known points of view or books that trace symbols of war and peace through history. Challenge high school students to question the way they've been taught history in the past by probing historical myths, and give them eye-opening critiques of former presidents to help them assess political choices that have affected the United States. Books covering specific campaigns help students to drill down into the details of the Civil War, and analyses of social movements on other continents provide perspective.

Maps and Wall Posters to Decorate Classrooms

Help students get a better sense of the world by posting maps of the areas that teachers are covering in class. Cover a wall with a mural-sized world map that lets students find any spot on the Earth in detail while projecting the land masses to provide accurate sizing and providing information on population and land use. Maps of the Middle East delineate political borders and show physical features of the region. Choose maps that focus on specific regions of the area and include resource guides to offer students detailed information. Teachers of U.S. government can appreciate an up-to-date wall chart showing all the presidents of the United States in order. This handy chart comes with activity suggestions and worksheets to expand your lesson plans.

Other Social Studies Learning Resources

Teaching aids that help younger students explore the world around them can be invaluable when introducing new social studies topics. Hand out blank ""passports"" that look just like the real thing to help kids keep track of their learning adventures and the countries that your school's teachers are covering in class. Board games can teach elementary students basic communications skills that help them to make good behavioral choices.

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