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Mailing Tubes for Safe and Convenient Document Transport

Whether you're in charge of a busy office, run a home business or send a fair amount of packages to family and friends, the task of shipping oversized documents, posters, artwork and elongated items is made easy with mailing tubes. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, mailing tubes are an ideal option for everything from important documents, such as blueprints, to uniquely shaped gifts, including fishing poles and fairy wands, that are just a tad too long to fit into standard boxes.

Wrinkle-Free Documents

Nobody appreciates wrinkled documents, regardless if they are "time is of the essence" business plans, movie posters or even your little one's artwork. Mailing tubes solve this problem by allowing you to easily roll up these precious items and insert them into a circular enclosure. The tubes feature snap-on caps, open ends or crimped edges that allow for easy opening once the package arrives at its destination, so all the receiver must do is pull the item out and unroll it to reveal a smooth, wrinkle-free document.

Ship Elongated Items With Ease and Convenience

Elongated items can pose a unique challenge when it comes to shipping, as it isn't always easy to find the correctly sized box, even when you attempt to pack the items diagonally. Mailing tubes make shipping everything from curtain rods to telescopes simple and convenient, as they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Tubes with light durability are ideal for lightweight items such as fishing poles and plastic tubing, whereas heavy-duty tubes ensure breakable items such as fluorescent light bulbs, telescopes and tripods remain secure and intact throughout the shipping process.

Multiple Sizes and Styles to Suit Your Packaging Needs

Whether you're in need of a lightweight, extra-long tube to ship a large print or you're looking for something more durable to safely ship breakables or heavier items, here you'll find just what you need to get the job done right. With multiple sizes, colors and styles from which to choose, there truly is no tube too big or too small. Choose from round, flat, triangle, square or telescoping designs, with durability levels ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty. Colorize your shipments with 36" x 2" lightweight colored tubes in yellow, red, blue, green, gold or black, or send your bulk items with ease and convenience with 30" x 3" durable Kraft tubes with sturdy plastic end caps. Also available are adjustable tubes for those in-between sized items that just need a tad more space on one end or the other. Choose between single tube orders and bulk orders ranging from eight to 100 tubes per case to ensure your shipping and packaging needs are met with satisfaction.