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Soft Face Hammers to Prevent Damage and Noise

When you want to keep the noise down around the office, soft face hammers have a steel head that drives in nails just as much as a regular hammer, but with a soft face that doesn't make the type of noise that comes from metal striking metal. The soft face keeps your repair and replacement costs down, as it's less likely than a metal face to damage surfaces with a misplaced swing. Since soft face hammers have the same type of design as regular hammers, along with handles that are easy to grip, your employees are going to be able to pick up and use them just as they would a regular hammer, without doing anything differently.

A Softer Striking Surface for Fewer Repairs

The last thing you want when an employee is using a hammer is to hear a "swing and a miss," because having to repair or replace a damaged item costs time and money. Since they have a softer striking surface than hammers with metal faces, soft face hammers are less likely to cause damage, such as holes or marring. If your employees need both a soft and hard face hammer, you can opt for a hammer that has both faces.

Keep Furniture Free of Damage for a Professional Image

When clients visit your office, one of the first things they're going to notice is your furniture. If you have furniture with a fine surface, any damage or even a scuff mark is going to stick out like a sore thumb. By using soft face hammers to keep your furniture unblemished, you can present a professional, upscale image to impress visitors.

Minimize Distractions Through Noise Reduction

Keeping the office free of distractions helps employees stay on task and improves morale, both of which are essential for boosting productivity. Metal striking metal repeatedly is the type of sound that's easy for the ears to pick up and hard to ignore, so opting for a soft face hammer is one foolproof method to reduce noise. Set up your employees with soft face hammers, and they can do repairs and assemblies in the same room as others without bothering anybody.

Easy to Use Without Any Technique Adjustments

Since their designs are so similar to metal face hammers, soft face hammers don't require the user to make technique adjustments or learn anything new. The steel head ensures that your employees can still get plenty of force behind each swing without wearing their arms out, while both the wood and rubber handle options are easy to grip and durable enough to handle heavy use without breaking. Soft face handles that use rubber even deaden the blow during impact, so employees don't have to worry about the hammer rebounding after a heavy swing.

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