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Swingline® Fashion Staplers (12)

Poppin Staplers (8)

Misc Staplers (7)

PaperPro® Desktop Staplers (6)

PaperPro® Compact Stapler (5)

Stanley® Bostitch Full Strip Classic Stapler (5)

Swingline® Full Strip Staplers (5)

Accentra, Inc. PaperPro™ Desktop Stapler (4)

Clinch Stapler (4)

Swingline® Optima® Electric Staplers (4)

Accentra, Inc. PaperPro™ Prodigy™ Spring Powered Stapler (3)

Bostitch® EZ Squeeze Flat Clinch Stapler (3)

Quill® Contemporary Full-Strip Stapler (3)

Stanley Bostitch® Business Pro Staplers (3)

Stanley® Bostitch Long-reach Stapler (3)

Swingline® 747 Accent Stapler (3)

Swingline® 747 Stapler (3)

Swingline® LightTouch™ Reduced Effort Stapler (3)

Swingline® Optima® Desktop Stapler (3)

Swingline® SmartTouch™ Staplers (3)

Swingline® Tot Mini Stapler (3)

Bostitch® Anti-Jam Desktop Stapler (2)

Bostitch® Ascend™ Desktop Staplers (2)

Bostitch® B5000 Staplers (2)

Bostitch® Dynamo™ Ergosharp Desktop Stapler (2)

Bostitch® Heavy-Duty Staplers (2)

Ef® Rapid Full-strip Plier Stapler (2)

PaperPro® Pink Ribbon Desktop Stapler (2)

Quill Brand® Executive Staplers with Staple Remover (2)

Stanley Bostitch® B8® Flat Clinch Stapler (2)

Stanley Bostitch® Electric Stapler (2)

Stanley Bostitch® EPIC™ Business Pro Desktop Stapler (2)

Stanley® Bostitch Electric Desktop Stapler (2)

Swingline Bostitch® EZ Squeeze Flat Clinch Desktop Staplers (2)

Swingline® Heavy-Duty Stapler (2)

Swingline® Optima® Desktop Staplers (2)

Swingline® Optima® Grip Stapler (2)

Swingline® Optima® Grip Staplers (2)

X-ACTO® Boston® Electric Stapler with Anti-Jam Mechanism (2)

Accentra, Inc. PaperPro™ Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Accentra, Inc. PaperPro™ Long Arm Stapler (1)

Bostitch® Full-Strip Staplers (1)

Bostitch® Personal Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Kantek® Clear Acrylic Stapler (1)

MAX® Electronic EH-70F Stapler (1)

MAX® Flat-Clinch Standard Stapler (1)

PaperPro® EcoStapler (1)

PaperPro® Quantum Stapler (1)

Quill Brand® Anti-Microbial Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Quill Brand® Stand-Up Stapler (1)

Quill® One-Touch Desktop Stapler (1)

Rapid® 20EX Dual Electric Stapler (1)

Rapid® 5025e Superior Cartridge Electric Stapler (1)

Rapid® 5080 Electronic Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Rapid® Heavy Duty Cartridge Stapler (1)

Stanley Bostitch® Velvet No-Jam™ Desktop Stapler (1)

Stanley® Antimicrobial Staplers (1)

Stanley® Auto 180 Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch AntiJam™ Full Strip Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch B8® Heavy-Duty Plier Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch Contemporary Full Strip Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch SSP-99 Standard Plier Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch® Personal Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Stanley® Bostitch® Saddle Stapler (1)

Swingline® 270 Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® 545 Full Strip Economy Stapler w/Remover (1)

Swingline® Breeze™ Automatic Stapler (1)

Swingline® Classic 747® Full Strip Stapler (1)

Swingline® Commercial Desk Stapler (1)

Swingline® Commercial Smooth Grip Stapler (1)

Swingline® Compact Commercial Stapler (1)

Swingline® Compact Desk Stapler (1)

Swingline® Durable Full Strip Desk Stapler (1)

Swingline® Electric Medium-duty Cartridge Stapler (1)

Swingline® Electric Medium-Duty Cartridge Stapler (1)

Swingline® EZTouch™ Desktop Staplers (1)

Swingline® Heavy-Duty Palm-Grip Stapler (1)

Swingline® High-Capacity Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Swingline® Invision Stapler (1)

Swingline® Light Touch Heavy-Duty Stapler (1)

Swingline® Long Reach Stapler (1)

Swingline® Modern Grip Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima Grip Compact Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima® 20 Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima® 40 Desk Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima® 45 Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima® 70 Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Optima® High-Capacity Stapler and Staples (1)

Swingline® Optima™ Desk Stapler (1)

Swingline® Portable Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Portable Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Premium Commercial Full Strip Stapler (1)

Swingline® Premium Hand-Held Stapler (1)

Swingline® Smoothgrip Desktop Staplers (1)

Swingline® Soft Grip Hand Stapler (1)

Swingline® Speed Pro 25 Electric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Speed Pro 45 Eletric Stapler (1)

Swingline® Standard Strip Desk Stapler (1)

X-ACTO® Boston® Ultimate StandUP® Full Strip Desktop Stapler (1)

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