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File Storage for Sturdy Document Storage

Active files you use on a regular basis get a prime spot in the filing cabinet, but older files often go to file storage to conserve space. That's where file storage containers come in. Sturdy boxes with built-in handles make the perfect spot for keeping those older files safe and protected when it's time to move them to long-term storage.

Clear Out Space in Filing Cabinets

Space in most filing cabinets is at a premium, with every inch of filing space taken up with reports, client files and other key documents. If your drawers are crammed to the limit, it's time to clean out some of the older documents. Before you start shredding files, make sure you never need them again. It's a safer option to keep those files in long-term storage rather than getting rid of them completely. File storage boxes save you a lot of money over buying new filing cabinets while still letting you keep the files you may need again some day. In some cases, looking back at a file is necessary for internal reasons, such as verifying data. In the case of an audit, being able to easily come up with the required documents saves you hassle and potential complications with the procedure.

Protect Your Important Files

Dust and light aren't kind to files, especially when they are no longer in the contained environment of a filing cabinet. Since the whole point is to retain those files, it makes sense that you need to keep them protected long term. File storage boxes keep the files clean so they look just a pristine as the day you put them in storage. Unfortunately, storage boxes can't remove the grease stains or coffee spills that are already on the files, but they do protect them from further stains or deterioration during years of storage.

Move and Access Stored Files Easily

Just because a file is relegated to long-term storage doesn't mean you won't need it again. In fact, that's the whole point of using file storage to keep the documents rather than sending them straight to the shredder. File storage boxes come with holes on either end that work as handles, so employees can easily pick up the boxes to rearrange or search for files, and all you need is a marker to label each box's contents. The strong cardboard and reinforced handles mean the box won't fall apart and send an avalanche of files across the room when you retrieve the boxes. Lift-off lids or string-and-button closures keep the files protected, but they are also easy to remove for free access to the files inside. You don't have to worry about walking in on an employee wrestling with the box just to get it open for a few files.

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