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USB Adapter Cables Provide Many Uses Around a Busy Office

When the time comes to place this week's supply order for office essentials, make sure you put USB adapter cables on the list. These cables let workers quickly connect a laptop or tablet to the company's printer to make hard copies of vital reports, or perhaps print out an interesting article from the Internet without saving it to a computer first. Keeping a stash of spare cables in the supply closet keeps the office and its technology running smoothly. Grab files seamlessly from an external hard drive with a set of USB 3.0 to SATA converter cables.

Stash Extra USB Cables for Emergency Replacements

It always happens on the busiest day of the week with a large deadline looming: the cable between the hard drive and monitor decides it's time for a replacement. When your cables succumb to a book falling off a desk or get caught up and torn in a vacuum cleaner, having a couple of spare USB cables in your supply closet can make you the office hero. If you're experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, keeping a spare Trendnet USB cable on hand that connects to an Ethernet port helps workers stay productive without missing a beat.

Send Extra USB Cables With Your Outside Sales Staff

You know there is more to your job title than just administration. You're a team captain, babysitter and all-around miracle worker. When your outside sales staff leaves in the morning, send them off with a couple of spare USB cables. A Siig USB to video monitor adapter ensures your salespeople can quickly and easily bring up their presentations without worrying about compatibility with another office's computer equipment. Printing contracts after making a sale is easy with a USB cable that connects directly with the customer's printer. Keeping a variety of USB cables around the common areas of the office makes it easier for the sales staff to grab what they need and go.

Use USB Cables to Raise Your Level of Customer Service

How many times has a customer come into the office and said she had a list of what she wanted on her tablet but no way to get to it? Keeping a set of Tripp Life high speed USB cables in the supply cabinet can get that information off the tablet with a minimum amount of fuss. Got a customer who needs to print a key document before a big meeting? A USB cable lets him connect directly to the printer, keeping your network secure. A male/female extension cable makes it a cinch for customers to load vital information from their cameras and smartphones onto your computers.