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Weather Radios Help Plan Your Day

Plan your drive home from the office in even the worst weather by having a listen to the weather radio you keep on your desk. Be the first person in your office to know whether today is a good day to take off early, so you're home before the big storm hits and always know about local alerts and warnings before you hit the road. Keep a second weather radio at home for up-to-the-minute reports on where the twisters are twisting, the storms are storming, and the hurricanes are doing whatever hurricanes do.

Monitor Local Weather From Your Desk

Don't get caught outdoors in severe weather conditions. Weather radios keep you up to speed on local severe weather alerts, so you know what you're getting into before you leave the office for the commute home. You can make it home safely, even in "Wizard of Oz" weather, if you have the kind of real-time condition updates that only weather radios can provide. Keep one at your desk and, when a severe storm alert goes out, call over to HR, and tell them you're heading home early; then maybe tell a few friends to do likewise. Knowing the weather from one minute to the next is also essential if you're coordinating a team of workers in the field or dispatching drivers across town.

Keep an Eye on Loved Ones From Home

Once you're home, get the second weather radio you keep in the kitchen and listen for updates to the conditions outside. The steady flow of alerts and advisories from your area weather authorities can help you plan for getting the kids early from school, suggesting an alternate route home for a loved one with a long commute, or avoiding the flying houses and witches on bicycles that mark a really bad storm.

Chasing Storms Is Awesome

If you're the adventurous type, you can use weather radios to chase storms in relative safety. Getting that perfect picture of a huge thunderhead requires you to first go out and find one, so knowing exactly where the storm is passing by can give you a bearing to one of the most dramatic things nature does in this world. If you'd prefer to skip that sort of adventure, just use the knowledge of conditions these radios give you to predict customers' outages and service calls.

Reliable No Matter What

Weather radios are designed to keep working even as the world seems to be ending all around you. Many are battery powered, while others are hand cranked, so they can't run out of juice unless you get a cramp in your arm. Choose from among the simplest generic radios, which you won't mind losing in the flood, or opt for the reliability and multiple functions of a Motorola or First Alert radio, which can totally impress the friends you've invited over to share the storm cellar with you.


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