5 tips to power through bad work days

5 tips to power through bad work days

Sometimes, your work load can be so much that you wonder how you’ll make your deadlines. Sometimes, there isn’t enough of you to go around. Sometimes, when you give it your all, it still isn’t enough. There are so many factors that come into play when we have a bad work day, the list is endless. It was reported that 63% of employees say they have more than one bad work day a week. But don’t worry! Here are five tips you can try when you’re feeling stressed out during those bad work days.

  1. Think of how you can do better

    First things first, please keep in mind that your bad day isn’t necessarily a reflection on you or your performance. When a good day turns bad, immediately take some time to reflect on what you could do to improve the situation you are in. Give yourself five minutes of thought on how you can tackle the problem at hand before reacting. You may realize a solution and calm down from any initial emotions in that time, helping you move on from the bad day right away.

  2. Write or talk it out

    As soon as you feel that negative energy start to build up, write down what’s bothering you. Then, read through what you’ve jotted down and come up with a step-by-step plan to approach the situation differently. Another good option: talk it out. Ask a trusted work colleague to give their honest opinion. After you tell them what’s going on with you, ask them for suggestions on how you can better tackle the situation. An outside opinion might be just the thing to turn your day around.Coworkers Talking

  3. Do something that makes you feel good

    For an instant bad day cure, find something to do after work that always makes you happy. Having something to look forward to as soon as you walk out the door might be a better pick-me-up than you think. An immediate distraction from work stresses will help you move on from the day quickly. From reading to working out to dancing, do something that leaves you satisfied and not thinking about work anymore. The choice is yours!Working Out

  4. Recognize what you’re doing right

    After a tough day, instead of dwelling on what’s going wrong, think about what you’ve been doing right. What did you yesterday that made everything run smoothly? What did you contribute to your team that made that project work as well as it did? If you take the time to think about everything you’ve done right and how successful it was, you’ll recognize your value in your workplace. Think about your strengths and strategize on how you can apply them to your work to avoid those bad days.Young business people working

  5. If you need help, ask

    Sometimes, pride gets in the way of realizing that it’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. Luckily, most people are willing to help you if you ask them sincerely. A coworker might have just the right mindset to help you take a new approach to your project. Asking for help when you are struggling shows that you’re a team player and that you’re willing to look for outside solutions for problems.

Overwhelmed worker

Bad days happen to everyone, there’s always a way to turn them around. Then, when your next tough day arrives, you’ll be better prepared to handle whatever that comes your way! Tell us: what’s your top tip for getting through a bad work day?