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How your favorite color can help you find the perfect job

  1. Asking “What’s your favorite color?” may be a way for children to bond with each other, but the answer might matter even more when we’re grown up.The field of color psychology posits that the colors we like may shed some insight on character traits. These insights may provide perspective on the kinds of jobs that are well-suited to a given personality.The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test operates on a similar theory. It separates people into one of 16 personality types that are derived from different combinations of the following traits:
    • Introversion (I) versus extroversion (E)
    • Sensing (S) versus intuition (N)
    • Thinking (T) versus feeling (F)
    • Judging (J) versus perceiving (P)

    There may be merit to the idea that someone’s personality may influence the best career path for them, because the vast majority of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies reference the Myers-Briggs test to place employees in optimal roles.

    As we took a close look at color psychology and Myers-Briggs personality types, we realized these perspectives often align in interesting ways. Combine an awareness of your favorite color with knowledge of the corresponding Myers-Briggs personality type, and you just might glean some new insights into the right career path for you.

    Disclaimer: We took some creative liberties in correlating the Myers-Briggs personality types to color preferences; these results are not scientific. Instead, they’re meant to inspire self-reflection on behaviors, character traits, and professional strengths.

    How your favorite color can help you find the perfect job

  2. Favorite color: Blue

    Blue is well known as a calming color, so it’s fitting that people who favor blue tend to be stable, sensitive, and reliable. Other characteristics associated with this preference include creativity, generosity, thoughtfulness, and sincerity.

    The Myers-Briggs personality type that best matches these characteristics is INFJ. This personality type is characterized by sensitivity, creativity, and the ability to read other people. Jobs that may be well suited to this personality type include:

    • Therapist/mental health counselor
    • Social worker
    • Customer relations manager
    • HR diversity manager
  3. Favorite color: Red

    Red is a confidence-boosting color, so it’s no surprise that people who love red are likely to be bold, ambitious, determined, extroverted, persistent, and unafraid of the spotlight.

    The Myers-Briggs personality type that most corresponds to these traits is ESTJ. People who fall into this category tend to be assertive, decisive, driven, and focused on results. They also like to be in charge so frequently find themselves in leadership roles. Jobs that are well suited to this personality type include:

    • Lawyer
    • Judge
    • Project manager
    • Sales agent
    • Executive
  4. Favorite color: Green

    People who love green tend to value nature, money, and security (both in terms of their relationships and their finances). This helps explain why they are often loyal and straightforward, and why they can get anxious if they feel stability is lacking from their lives. They also tend to be social and place a lot of importance on how they’re perceived by others.

    The Myers-Briggs personality types that most closely mirror these traits is ESFJ. People who fall into this category tend to be people-oriented, detailed, organized, and thorough. They are likely to perform well in the following roles:

    • Health care professional
    • Accountant
    • Teacher
    • Account executive
    • Loan officer
  5. Favorite color: Black

    Black is opaque, and people who love it can be similarly hard to read because they’re likely to play their cards close to their chest. They’re often artistic, sensitive, and introverted.

    The Myers-Briggs personality type that most aligns with these traits is INTP. These individuals tend to be introverted, independent, intellectually curious, analytical, and conceptual. Jobs that are well suited to this type include:

    • Architect
    • Engineer
    • Computer programmer
    • Financial analyst or economist
  6. Favorite color: Yellow

    Those who love the color of sunshine tend to have an appropriately cheery attitude. They’re likely to be happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, optimistic, idealistic, and creative—although they may struggle to implement their ideas. Independent and quick-thinking, they may project a cheery attitude at all times instead of sharing some parts of themselves.

    The Myers-Briggs personality type that best matches these traits is ESFP. These folks tend to be energetic, caring, enthusiastic, excitement-oriented, and hands-on. Careers that are well-suited to these traits include:

    • Actor or performer
    • Hospitality worker
    • Food service professional
    • Interior designer
    • Health care professional
  7. Favorite color: White

    People who favor the color white tend to be meticulous, organized, and logical. They like to keep both their external and internal lives neat, and aim for purity in all its forms.

    The Myers-Briggs personality types that most correspond to these characteristics are ENTJ or ISTJ. ENTJs are likely to be organized, logical, career-driven, hard-working, strategic planners, and critical thinkers, while ISTJs are also practical, organized, logical, and factual. These types are well suited to the following jobs:

    • Lawyer
    • Engineer
    • Scientist
    • Accountant
    • Security guard
    • Air traffic controller
    • Market research analyst
    • Business consultant
    • Investment banker
    • Venture capitalist
  8. Favorite color: Purple

    Purple lovers are likely to be unique, artistic, gentle, compassionate, understanding, introverted, highly creative, utopian, and unique (in a good way). It’s easy for them to prioritize other people’s needs, sometimes to their own detriment.

    The Myers-Briggs personality type that best matches this description is INFP. These folks are often creative, inquisitive, caring, communicative, and empathetic. More extroverted purple lovers may fall into the category of ENFP, which is also characterized by imaginative, insightful, and service-oriented traits. Jobs that are well suited to these types include:

    • Writer
    • Musician
    • Graphic designer
    • Counselor
    • Therapist
    • Artist
    • Actor
    • Dancer

    While you shouldn’t quit your job based on this information, you can use it to your benefit. The more you understand your personality type, including your strengths, preferences, and needs, the better you can make job decisions that lead to a sustainable and fulfilling career.

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