5 items every doctor’s office should include in supply bags

5 items every doctor’s office should include in supply bags

You do everything you can to empower patients to take responsibility for their health, but when they leave your office, they are vulnerable. Sending them out the door with a medical supply bag gives them a convenient way to keep everything they need from their visit together, such as prescriptions, instructions, appointment reminder cards, and samples. It also gives you an opportunity to add a little something extra to help them on their way.

Personalized supply bags are also a subtle and effective way to work your branding, but your medical practice should be thoughtful about what you include. Nobody likes clutter, so items should be genuinely useful and add real value for your patients. Here are our five picks for the best giveaway items to include in your patients’ supply bags.

1. A pen

Obvious and simple, a pen is universally useful and always appreciated. Custom pens printed with your logo are inexpensive to personalize, and your patients will think of your practice whenever they pick it up to write a note. You can’t go wrong here.

2. A snack


Everyone loves a lollipop! Treats aren’t just for kids. Sugarless candies, mints, or a healthy snack like a granola bar are sure to be appreciated by all your patients. If they’ve had a long commute, a lengthy wait, or a stressful visit, a little pop of sweetness can give them energy and reinforce positive feelings about you and your practice.

3. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

A pocket-sized bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a practical choice that can make an immediate difference for your patients. Not everyone is as conscientious about hand washing as we would like and sanitizer steps into the breach admirably. No matter how clean your waiting room is, cold and flu season can make it a tricky place for some patients, and this thoughtful item may save them a lot of discomfort.

4. Lip balm

Lip Balm

Another inexpensive but extremely popular giveaway, lip balm is an unexpected, yet useful item to offer your patients. Soothing the discomfort of cracked lips can be a chore, and a free personalized tube of lip balm from your office might be used a dozen times a day by your patient. It’s a kindness and it also associates your practice with relief and comfort.

5. Educational materials

Educational materialThis is our most serious choice, but it’s also the most important. Tailoring educational handouts to your patient’s specific needs can have a real impact on their health, as well as make them feel individually cared for. Along with information on managing chronic conditions or making lifestyle changes, consider including contact info for patient support and discussion groups. Helping your patients make real connections in their lives to help them cope is a powerful gift.

So, the next time you’re ordering medical supply bags, take a moment to order something a bit special to include with them. Giveaways are hugely popular with patients, and they’re a great way to make them feel valued and cared for while stretching your marketing budget.