How to market during back to school season

How to market during back to school season

Every year as August approaches, families prepare for a new school year – supplies are bought and the anticipation mounts. Yet, there is still a lot that has to be done before the school year begins, including visits to the doctor.

This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and evaluate your marketing plan. Do you have patients who may need a physical or who are due for vaccinations? Have you made a plan to reach out to them? If not, here are some easy ways to create a buzz about your practice during the back-to-school season.

Send reminder postcards to keep your practice top of mind when parents are calling to make an appointment

If you are a pediatrician, send reminder postcards for physicals and immunizations. Dentist? Send a reminder card for teeth cleaning. Eye doctor? This is the perfect time for kids to have their vision tested.

Hang signs in your practice

This will not only help to remind your staff to ask patients if they need to schedule a physical, but it will also serve as a reminder for your patients.

Look forward to the next year and schedule the next appointment today

After a patient’s appointment for a back-to-school check-up, take time to schedule his appointment for next year. Don’t forget to send your patient home with an appointment card to keep as a reminder.

Reward your young patients with giveaways

Getting shots is never fun. Make the experience better with a sticker or toy. If it’s a pleasant experience for both child and parent, they will be back to see you next year.

Team up with local doctors and businesses to create a mini-workshop to address the issues of children’s health

Talk about how to pack a healthy lunch for a child. Invite a chiropractor to talk about the importance of a proper backpack, as many backpacks are too heavy.