How to market in the chiropractor field

How to market in the chiropractor field

Chiropractic marketing is about so much more than advertising. Building brand recognition these days has a lot to do with finding opportunities to open a dialogue with current and prospective patients. You have an important message to get out there, and making your voice heard over today’s information overload requires a creative approach. Here are some chiropractic marketing tips which focus on building trust and comfort with chiropractic care.

Make the most of massage

Everyone loves a good massage. Even chiropractic skeptics soften their objections when presented with the prospect of a free massage. Offer your services to businesses as a compliment to their employee health and wellness programs. Approach sports organizations, active retiree clubs and golf courses with a proposal for a short seminar and free massage afternoon. It’s an added value for the members, and gives you a chance to build trust, hand out branded freebies and build up your presence in the area.

Cultivate relationships with other healthcare professionals

Building a trusting relationship with local medical doctors can establish a strong flow of quality referrals. Host a lunch or dinner for physicians in your area and open with a short, specialized presentation on the services you can provide for their patients, detailing your clinical approach. Let them know you’ll send secure reports for each patient upon request. Don’t limit your outreach to medical doctors. Send a short letter to dentists outlining treatments for TMJ. Contact other practitioners such as nutritionists and acupuncturists, stressing the value of a holistic approach to health.

Find good excuses to stay in touch

Anything that hints of junk mail or spam will hurt your business. However, frequent thoughtful communication with your client base is the best way to keep patients coming back. Take the time to put together a truly useful, short email newsletter for your patients, including health tips, news about chiropractic research, and special promotions just for subscribers.

High-quality birthday cards are another great way to reach out to your patients who are likely to think about their health more and more as they age. Cultivate an active and engaged presence on social media, and make yourself available to answer questions from the public. Send a New Year’s greeting to each patient with a special offer. It’s a perfect time to point out the importance of a healthy spine as they dive into their fitness resolutions for the year. If you invest the time and creativity to seek out opportunities to engage with your patients, you’ll see an immediate benefit. Focus your chiropractic marketing energy and efforts on education and relationship-building, and you’ll gain a reputation as a nurturing, positive presence in the community. A genuinely helpful approach to marketing encourages your patients to share information and testimonials with friends, which is one of the best ways to grow a stable and thriving practice.