10 ways to remodel your break room on a budget

10 ways to remodel your break room on a budget

Is your break room looking boring and bare? Does it draw people in or make them want to run from the cobwebs? If the latter sounds familiar, it may be time for a remodel.

The break room has huge potential to nurture your team and help them work at their optimal capacity throughout the workday. In effect, when you invest in your break room you are investing in your team.

But don’t worry about the cost: as you’re just about to find out, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a great break room. Here are 10 ways to complete a break room remodel on a budget.

  1. Quality over quantity

    The furniture is where you will want to spend the bulk of your break room budget. High-quality leather couches and chairs will allow people to take a load off and, at the same time, make the room feel high-end. A single couch and a chair or two is usually enough when combined with a quality table and chairs set for eating and chatting. Add magazine racks and some small side tables for books to fuel ideas and creativity.

  2. A fully stocked kitchen

    You have a great place for your teams to sit. Now it’s time to stock up those kitchen cabinets. You could also add a kitchen cart for drinks. These take up very little space and can easily be moved around the office. Offering a variety of snacks and supplies to meet different nutritional needs is a great way to make your team feel cared for and thought about.

  3. Free coffee

    Young professionals enjoying a coffee break

    Don’t make your team feel the need to hit Starbucks. Add an espresso machine to your break room along with flavored creamers and other coffee supplies. Consider adding dairy alternatives to the fridge, like almond milk, for those who have dietary restrictions or want to go a healthier route. And don’t forget the cups and stirrers! Coffee lovers will adore this incentive.

  4. Get decorating

    The break room offers an opportunity to get creative. Sure, you can make this area blend seamlessly with the rest of the office, but why not take the opportunity to make it stand out and capture attention? Try a bright color on the walls, and add some wall art, decals, or a mural. Decorating a feature wall with chalkboard paint is a fun way to encourage visitors to draw and write inspiring notes.

  5. Encourage relaxation

    Help your people get their minds off work. Add a TV, games, and puzzles. After all, helping your team shift gears on their break will renew their minds and get the creative juices flowing again. You could also add some plants to make sure the air is fresh and employees feel relaxed and renewed.

    Break rooms are a place where employees can step out of the work zone without stepping out of the office.

  6. Create a nap space

    For those who just want some quiet time to rest and daydream, you can create a corner for a power snooze. Add a couple sets of wireless, noise-blocking headphones with relaxing music and some sleep masks. Provide some comforting blankets too, and make sure you have a schedule to wash everything to keep the space clean and healthy.

  7. Allow personal touches

    Consider having a section of the break room dedicated for your team to create and share. They can add team and family pictures, their favorite motivational quotes, and personal vision statements. This helps everyone get to know each better and inspire one another.

  8. Mix things up

    Coworkers laughing in front of cork bulletin board

    From added seasonal decorations and snacks to ongoing competitions, think about how you can keep the break room fresh. Keep visitors and coworkers engaged by using attention-grabbing bulletin boards with different campaigns, hashtags, and upcoming company events.

  9. Get ’em moving

    While some prefer to chill, others may prefer bursts of movement to restore their brains and continue work with more focus. Consider adding some exercise equipment to your break room even if it is just some exercise bands and an exercise ball. These can encourage your team to stretch and get that blood pumping again.

  10. Ask for team input

    To maximize your budget, ask your team what is most important to them in the break room. You may assume they want expensive games consoles—especially if you’re designing a break room for Millennials—only to learn that they would really prefer healthier food options. Collaborate on the space, its decor, and its purpose.

You now have a variety of ways to meet different needs in your break room and create a space that nurtures your team. And the best part? None of these cost-effective ideas are likely to blow your budget.

Have you recently reinvented your office break room? Have you managed to keep the morale high and the costs low? Tell us about your experience in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more great workplace insights.