Supersmart Calculators for Accountants

Supersmart Calculators for Accountants

Advanced technology has made it easier for companies to build supersmart calculators that do most of the work for you. There are a variety of calculator types that work well for accountants and bookkeepers. Each category has different features, so choose the style that fulfills your needs, and see what some of the smartest devices can do.

Different calculator formats

A person who doesn’t plan to use the device often and needs simple functions can stay within budget with a basic calculator. These types can still pack some financial punch. Financial calculators typically have hundreds of functions built in for tax calculations as well as profit/loss computations. These machines are suitable for accountants who plan to use the devices daily. Printing calculators have built-in printers so bookkeepers can keep a physical copy of slips on hand. For those who enjoy high-tech devices, touchscreen calculators work like phones or tablets.

Financial calculators

The smartest basic profit calculators have large screens and big buttons for quick data input. They also have space to display 10 or more digits for long numbers. These financial calculators often include functions for cost/sell margins, percentages, and tax calculations. Some have a memory bank to store completed functions. Many are portable for on-the-go work or have rubber feet so they won’t slip on desks. Popular brands include Casio® and Victor®. Select models may feature loan estimators that let operators compare variables.

Smartest accountant calculators

While these calculators are for business, accounting, and investment use, they don’t all have the same features. Some can perform hundreds of functions and recall over 400 steps. All of them have some kind of memory to store work. Examination candidates may use these devices with special approval. Brands that manufacture these units include HP® and Texas Instruments®.

Reliable printing calculators

Devices that have been around for decades are printing calculators, and they’re still the common workhorses of accounting departments. The smartest ones combine financial operations with fast, accurate printing. Many have two-color ink ribbons for printing debit and credit amounts for quick identication. Reputable brands such as Canon®, Sharp®, and Victor Technology® manufacture printing calculators. Certain models feature display screens instead of paper, and they let you input up to 300 lines of data as you work.

High-tech touchscreen and touchpad calculators

For the tech-savvy bookkeeper, there are touchscreen and touchpad calculators that look and act like tablets. They incorporate graphing and trending functions as well as complex financial and accounting functions for forecasting and financial control. Link them to computers to transfer calculations and other information. They allow the use of images and have touchpads that work like computer mice. Some allow users to download additional apps for specific needs over Wi-Fi®. Texas Instruments® and HP® both produce this type of calculator.

Whether doing simple taxes for a small business or a huge conglomerate, every accountant needs a smart calculator. Get work done quickly and accurately without much effort. Maybe have a little fun with it, too.