How to choose a coffee creamer for the office

How to choose a coffee creamer for the office

When purchasing coffee creamer for the office, there are many things to consider. Keep them in mind, and pleasing those who depend on a beautiful cup of java will be easier than you think.

  1. Choose a coffee creamer based on monthly creamer consumption, coffee consumption or head count

    Determine how much liquid creamer or powdered creamer your office uses in a 30-day period by reviewing the most recent purchase order. It should list the types and quantities of coffee creamers purchased. Contact your accounting department for the document, as they’ll have copies of paid invoices.

    Another method is take the amount of coffee previously purchased. Moving forward, buy enough coffee creamers to match the servings of coffee ordered.

    However, studies show that coffee drinkers consume over 3 cups daily, and out of that, on average, 1/3 drink their coffee black. Subtract that amount from your total before you place your coffee creamer order.

    Another thing is, not everyone in your office may be a coffee drinker. Guests may drink coffee though and this should help balance things out. Test it. Start with the mid figure of 2 cups per person per workday. Based on an 8-person office, with 20 work days in the month, that’s 320. Next, deduct 1/3 for those that won’t use creamer. That’s 320 ÷ 3 = 107. Now since 320 – 107 = 213, you’ll order 213 creamers.

    But wait, with the exception of where there wasn’t a previous coffee creamer order, you must take into account your remaining inventory before you place your order.

  2. Physically count the amount of creamers in your inventory and complete your calculations

    Here’s the formula:

    Previous creamer order – creamer inventory at end of month = creamer usage per month

    Creamer usage per month – creamer inventory at end of month = amount of creamers to order


    Previous creamer order = 213

    Current inventory at end of month = 5

    Creamer usage per month = 208

    Amount of creamers to order = 203

  3. Choose a coffee creamer based on your storage capacity

    There are powdered, liquid, non-dairy, dairy, flavored, and non-flavored types of coffee creamer. Some need refrigeration, whiles others don’t. It might not be economical to purchase large quantities of coffee creamer that requires refrigeration due to storage capacity and usage frequency. Common places to store creamer that doesn’t require refrigeration are kitchen cupboards and shelving units. Check coffee creamer expiration dates.

    Always check ‘Best if used by’ and ‘Expiration’ dates. Over ordering might lead to excess inventory, and consuming those out-of-date products could be a health hazard. When it smells bad, loses flavor, or you think you see mold, instead of taking chances, toss it out. Get coworkers involved. Ask them to write the date they opened the creamer for the first time on the container and throw out the product after the specific use by dates for the particular type of creamer.

  4. Have a good mix of different types of coffee creamers available

    There are several types of coffee creamers:

    Non-dairy coffee creamers

    Non-dairy creamers both liquid and powdered types can be stored in a cool dry place. Liquid, non-dairy creamers, however, do typically expire within 30 days after opening even when no refrigeration is required. By contrast, powdered non-dairy creamers last between one-and-a-half to two years with the package sealed tightly after opening.

    Non-dairy creamers make the perfect choice for coworkers who are allergic to lactose. It’s good to know though that many liquid dairy creamers have had the lactose enzyme removed. Check the labels. Be sure to include liquid dairy creamers and powdered dairy creamers. Your coworkers without restrictions on consuming milk-based products will appreciate it.

    Flavored coffee creamers

    Flavored coffee creamers add variety and a welcome change of pace to coffee drinkers. Consider having several creamers in mouthwatering flavors such as French Vanilla, Café Mocha or Hazelnut. Keep the flavors in separate containers in the breakroom or kitchen area. This way, coworkers can quickly access the one they crave.

    Remember to add the dependable staple of a non-flavored creamer. What’s more, when office guests arrive, if they use creamers, they’ll likely expect to use a non-flavored coffee creamer, diary or non-dairy with their coffee.

    Individual-sized packages, also called single-serving size, are handy for grabbing while on the go. The tiny size also encourages considerate usage practices by helping coworkers visualize the recommended amount per cup of coffee.

    Powdered coffee creamers

    Powdered creamers come in plastic containers with lids for easy dispensing. Sizes vary depending on brand.

    Liquid pump coffee creamers

    Liquid pump creamers distribute a single serving with one pump to manage usage. The container sits perfectly on a countertop in the office breakroom.

    Milk & half-and-half

    Adding milk to coffee is another way coworkers might want to flavor their beverage. One of the safest ways to purchase milk is in a 32-ounce Tetra Pak container. The milk packaged in a Tetra Pak container undergoes a pasteurization process that retains nutrients, flavor and provides a longer shelf life. It doesn’t require refrigeration until the package is opened. After that, it typically lasts up to 7 days in the refrigerator. Just like milk packaged in other ways, when it goes bad, it thickens and gives off a strong odor.

    Half-and-half is another option for coworkers who want to add a rich creamy flavor to their coffee.

    The single serving sized half-and-half container requires no refrigeration and can be stored until the best by date listed on the box. Larger containers of half-and-half require refrigeration after opening though. They’ll last between 5 and 7 days after that.

  5. Create a survey

    To get more insights on the type of coffee creamers your coworkers prefer, create a survey. Doing so can take away much of the guesswork of which types to purchase.

Whether the size of your office is small or large, coffee creamer is one of those inventory necessities on which your coworkers depend. Tracking usage, storage capacity, coffee creamer expiration dates, and understanding the types of coffee creamers are essential. Knowing these things enables you to make the correct purchasing decisions. Afterwards, you can sit down and relax with your coffee flavored with the perfect coffee creamer.

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