How to stock the office breakroom to keep employees motivated and energized

How to stock the office breakroom to keep employees motivated and energized

Stocking your office breakroom with drinks and snacks that help your employees be more motivated and energized is important. Those who spend a majority of their day at the computer need to keep their energy up! With all that time spent sitting down, employees usually aren’t able to produce their own natural energy with bursts of activity. If they don’t feel motivated, their work can suffer. Make sure your breakroom is stocked with the provisions needed to help them produce work they can be proud of.

Coffee and necessary supplies

Keurig single serving coffeemakers are one of the best inventions for offices. Plus, those who love hot cocoa or tea can make that instead of coffee! They can use the same appliance that everyone else uses and have their drink of choice without the extra work. Here’s some suggestions on excellent K-cup flavors:

Don’t forget the coffee/tea supplies!. Creamer, sweetener, and stirrers give employees the option to fix their drinks just the way they like it! Make sure to give them some choices, as everyone has different tastes in coffee additives. Some like creamer, while others prefer milk and sugar.

Energy and sports drinks

Sometimes coffee isn’t the pick-me-up your employees crave to get through that afternoon slump. That’s where energy drinks come in! Redbull is a favorite for many office workers. There are other options such as 5-hour Energy shots, Monsters, and Rockstar energy drinks! Your employees’ tastes will likely vary, so seeing what they like  by offering them choices at first, taking a poll before purchasing, or simply keeping stock of a bit of each of these choices of energy drinks will really go a long way.

  • Redbull original
  • 5-hour Energy shots
  • Monster original
  • Rockstar

Nutrition bars and protein power

Candy isn’t always the best thing to eat, even though it sounds like a good idea when you need an easy burst of energy. Not only is it not healthy, but it also gives you a spike in sugary energy before that big crash. There are a wide variety of nutrition bars and protein sources you can provide your employees in the breakroom. Here are some of the top choices that many people enjoy eating (and drinking):

  • Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars
  • Quaker chewy granola bars
  • Fiber One chewy bars
  • Special K Protein shakes

To give your employees the most productive environment possible, make sure that you have the right supplies in your breakroom. Some of these supplies are things you may already have. Always remember –  the happier your employees are, the better service and work they will provide and the happier your clients and customers will be!

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