18 Passive aggressive notes to teach office etiquette

18 Passive aggressive notes to teach office etiquette

Being a good colleague means taking the time to make sure all aspects of the office run smoothly, including cleaning duties. Yet, there is a fine line between brow-beating your co-workers to pitch in at the office and gently pointing out the error of their ways to get them to do better.

Here are a few notes to help you navigate office situations that call for gentle reminders, snarky shaming, and quirky “thank yous” for those often-overlooked office chores.

Situation 1: Leaving the Kitchen a Mess

Dishes piled sky high in the sink, countertops littered with used silverware, and a sad, empty paper towel roll lying on the ground near the garbage can. It’s time to remind your coworkers to grab the dish soap and lend a hand!

Mice love crumbs Don’t be a troll " width=

Situation 2: What’s That Smell Coming From The Fridge?

Some co-workers may find it fun to play a spirited round of “Guess the Smell Coming from the Fridge,” but not everyone enjoys the aroma of last week’s leftovers. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to maintain order in the refrigerator.

Leftover food Food with legs Baking soda

Situation 3: Microwave Messes

While your lunch may have exploded in the microwave, failing to clean up your mess can also make your co-workers explode, too. Time to remind your coworkers to grab a sponge and clean up their mess:

Roses are red Clean the microwave Thank you for cleaning the office

Situation 4: Coffee Spills

You have a co-worker who has been decorating the office with puddles of coffee and leaving stains everywhere. Remind them mops exist!

Coffee stains Coffee spills Coffee Rings

Situation 5: Not Replacing Toilet Paper

You’ve just stepped into the stall and conducted business that can’t be done at a desk. Then you notice… there is no toilet paper in sight. After you managed to find some TP, you compose a note reminding your colleagues of the importance of re-stocking the stalls:

Toilet paper Replace toilet paper Thanks for replacing TP

Situation 6: Leaving The Printer Empty

Nothing is more infuriating than having to print something out in a hurry… and finding out too late that there is no paper in the tray. Let’s write them a note to lend perspective to the situation.

Replace printer paper No paper Paper tray refill